Facebook has introduced auto-play video ads

The newest update in the wonderful world of social media marketing includes the new offering of Facebook video advertisements on the popular social media platform. These new auto-play video ads are expected to boost views, engagement, likes, shares, comments- you name it. With little effort by the viewer, companies are able to get their messages across to users more efficiently and effectively.

These new videos appear as a user is scrolling through their newsfeed looking at the latest updates from their friends, and boom, an auto-play video ad catches their eye. Once the video is on your screen, it will automatically begin to play without sound.

Love it? Keep watching, and click the video for sound.

Not interested? You can just keep scrolling.

Autoplay in action

These high-quality ads will be available on mobile and desktop devices, but not to worry, you won't be seeing a spike in your data usage either, as videos will only be shown that have been previously downloaded on a Wi-Fi network.

While auto-play video ads aren't currently on everyone's news feeds, this new rollout of auto-play videos will eventually be introduced to a larger portion of the Facebook audience, and when that occurs engagement is expected to increase upwards of 10%! Although high in cost, these new auto-play video ads are expected to reach a largely tailored and relevant audience, making a company's investment well worth it.

With many users against the change, we must realize that this is an opportunity for businesses to reach consumers that may be interested in their products and services, as well as for Facebook to be funded and remain free for users. It is important that they avoid oversaturation of ads to avoid losing users, and to find a happy medium between the two, as auto-play video ads have the potential to be mutually beneficial to the user as well as businesses and Facebook itself.

Amidst your high-school sweetheart's latest status update and your friend's holiday party photos, you'll be seeing the latest (and greatest?) innovation of Facebook to date. This poses a revenue opportunity for Facebook and businesses alike, and the user base for Facebook continues to grow.

What do you think - will Facebook users adapt to the change, or eventually veer away from the social network? Let us know in the comments section below or tweet us @BFMweb.