Favorite Social Media Platforms of Online Marketing Pros

There are so many useful social media platforms these days it can be hard figuring out which is best for you. However, lucky for you, our professional online marketers aren't shy about sharing their opinions on the matter (or any matter).

So, the Blue Fountain Media online marketing team wanted to share which social media networks they are most grateful for as we head into the new year. Our team sat around a conference table, lit the YouTube Yule log, and gave thanks for our favorite social networks. Votes were made, voices heard and anti-voter fraud measures were taken. The results: [drum roll, please…]

Social media picks


That's an interesting and healthy mix. Now see why our social media marketing pros  made their choices and tips on maximizing their favorite social networks.

Naysayers slam it for being a way to see what celebrities eat for breakfast. Having this outdated perspective, however, could mean losing out on many vibrant ways to connect with consumers. In fact, Twitter has become so influential that last month’s election marked an unpresidented (hehe - get it?) spike in Twitter activity.

“My primary piece of advice for marketing on Twitter is to slowly build relationships from the ground up by interacting with your target audience, industry, or community through relevant, helpful comments or information. Eventually, you may get a retweet from a user with a strong following, which would kick off your own influencer-status.”

- Tom Prewett, Marketing Manager

“My tips are more or less tied to a Twitter analytics tool called Followerwonk – which allows users to:

  • Search twitter bios (hint: find journalists, editors, bloggers in your specific niche).
  • Download/export your own or other peoples followers in a spreadsheet (making it easier to sort by location or influence rating).
  • Display data into easily digestible pie charts, bar charts, and word clouds.”

- Jared Del Prete, Marketing Strategist

“Twitter is the best place for me to hang out with people who are into my niche, who I might not necessarily know in real life. I love Facebook, but I’ll see those people in real life – on Twitter, I can chat about the tennis match I’m watching with like-minded people, and that, my dearies, is the fun of it.”

- Rishe Groner, Marketing Associate


With over a billion users, it’s the most powerful way to reach users and our marketers can certainly attest to its razor-sharp targeting abilities.  Despite initial problems with its shaky IPO, Facebook is here to stay. Don't listen to the doubters.

“Facebook is the only network where you can engage with the 720 males in Minnesota who own a Zune just as easily as you can connect with the 486,080 cell-phone using teenagers who watch Dancing With The Stars.”

Ashley Kemper, Marketing Manager

And here’s a fun tip for stalking yourself:

“You can view your own search history by going to your profile, clicking on “Activity Log,” click on the drop-down for “Posts and Apps,” select “Search” and prepare to be completely humiliated. This is not visible by the public, but certainly scary to see how pathetic you can get! ”

- Liz Demcsak, Marketing Specialist


The social network that launched a thousand ships…and the one Facebook bought for a billion dollars. This was a huge year for Instagram and the company followed up in its success by  launching web-profiles for select users (see J Crew and Sony’s Instagram profiles.) We expect big things for Instagram as more and more brands get comfortable with the network.

“Instagram lets me connect with the people I actually know and like (as well as with a select few brands) in a way that is obviously very visual and feels more intimate than other social networks. I love being able to get a quick snapshot of what my mom, my sister, and my friends are doing every day, especially when we're far apart or unable to otherwise connect. I keep my Instagram circle tight so my feed is filled with images from the people I love - what could be better than that?”

- Alanna Francis, Director of Marketing


You either use it and love it, or don’t really get it. Checking in every morning to BFM’s office is a morning ritual observed by many of our marketers. It is something that most online marketers seem to understand.

“I love the gamification aspect of collecting badges, as well as checking in as I travel around the country. I earned a free tiramisu at an amazing restaurant downtown last week just for checking in. What’s not to love about that?”

- Jared Friedman, Marketing Strategist

“I love Foursquare because it gives me something to do in those first awkward moments of walking into a restaurant or bar. My tip for users is to drag down on the app to sort by “Nearby Friends,” and see who of your friends are around! My tip for brands is to offer a loyalty deal. In particular, a free drink or appetizer after 5 checkins will keep me coming back.”

- Adrienne Rhodes, Marketing Manager


MeetUp takes niche networking one step further. It’s probably the most “social” of all networks, since it involves meeting real-life humans offline (gasp!).

“You meet people in real life, thus creating a stronger network of people you know. You can also learn a lot by attending the right meetups…You can also make money as an organizer. And you get to do outdoor things!”

- Alhan Keser, Chief Marketing Officer

Spoken like a true marketing mastermind.

What social networks are YOU or your company most thankful for this year? Let us know in the space below or use one of my personal favorites to reach me at @steppenchik

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