New Geolocation Apps: Assisted Serendipity + Hotlist [App Tuesday]

Assisted Serendipity & The Hotlist

This week's App Tuesday award is being split between two cool new websites that exemplify the future of location-aware applications: Assisted Serendipity and The Hotlist.

Assisted Serendipity

Get alerts about the male/female ratio at your favorite hangouts lets users set up alerts for when the male/female ratio at favorite Foursquare venues reach a favorable level. Critics might point out that the site's singular feature is cheesy or more of a novelty than genuinely useful tool. But one must look beyond this early, starter-feature. What makes Assisted Serendipity a significant development is what it could (and probably will) do in the near future.

Imagine being able to set up alerts for when specific friends are nearby or when a friend you haven't see in a long time (calculated by when you last checked into the same place together) is close to your current location. Think of the possibilities for when Foursquare's vast data can go beyond passive location notifications and move into active recommendations and suggestions. Imagine Assisted Serendipity messaging you to recommend a nearby bar because a bunch of your friends with similar taste go there all the time. That's the future that applications like Assisted Serendipity hold.

The Hotlist

See a customized map of local events popular with your extended circle of friends.

Like Assisted Serendipity, Hotlist is an app that helps make use of all the lovely geographic information out there. Instead of relying on real time data about where people currently are, Hotlist lets you see where your friends (and friends of friends) are going to be. It pulls in data from all over the place (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google, and more) to see what events are gathering buzz and determines where people are likely to be. Using your list of friends on Facebook, Hotlist pinpoints the activities of the people you actually care about--your friends.

The Future of Your Night Out

The Hotlist helps you figure out your night before it even begins. Assisted Serendipity sends you alerts about your favorite hangouts. It's only a matter of time before these features (and more) are merged into a super site that helps you manage your night out both before your night on the town and in real-time during it.


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