As the presidential election rapidly approaches, we've been bombarded (to say the least) with a surplus of digital ads, social media posts, emotional commercials, and sponsored material surrounding the candidates and their campaigns. Regardless of which candidate you support, it's fair to say that this year, the negative banter surrounding both parties, and the media that has been generated around it has been saturating the internet to the point of frustration. As a result of this, we've been happy to see that plenty of other brands who do not operate within the political space are leveraging this national event as an opportunity to reach their customers and break away from their normal marketing campaign material.

Hefty 'Wipes The Web' of Political Ads

This move comes as a result of several non-political brands harnessing the timeliness of the upcoming election in their ad campaigns. Hefty decided to launch a campaign where they intend to wipe the web clean of any election-related ads, and instead show this simple, humorous, yet extremely effective advertisement containing just one line of copy.

political ads - hefty

Hefty completely took over the CNN homepage, filling up all 6 ad units with the same creative (just sized to meet varying dimensions) of the above advertisement. They've also purchased ad space on The Huffington Post, Fox News, and AOL with the same intentions. Aside from banner advertisements, they've also created a 6-second video for this campaign, that will play as pre-roll on videos instead of the standard 30-second ads that viewers are served prior to viewing a clip. We'd say that this is just the start of many more similar ads to come.

Timing Is Essential

For a brand like Hefty, which has no direct links to the political sector, this was a great way to build some un-biased brand awareness. Timing is of the essence when it comes to moves like these, and Hefty has definitely got it right. While a strong ad campaign could help Hefty reap massive benefits any day of the year, this type of campaign truly stands out amongst the rest given the normal ads we are used to seeing with Election Day just around the corner. Staying on top of potential opportunities for your brand to have timely advertisements can help give your marketing strategy the extra push it needs. You want to make sure your name is the one that is getting in front of audiences first, and that you leave them with a reason to remember your campaign.

Content Is King

Election anxiety has fueled a number of recent creative works by brands who are cashing in on the hot topic. Recently, we've seen companies such as Spotify, Excedrin, and even Trojan debuting ads that are centered around race to the White House. Neither for nor against a particular party, these ads have used a more neutral and pleasant approach to the election.

political ads - excedrin

As the race slowly comes to a close, most people are frustrated at this point with the amount of negative press regarding this controversial election. Seeing ads that break up the usual tension provide audiences with a bit of relief, and stick with them.

Creative Is Key

Regardless of the industry that your business operates in, we regularly see brands find unique ways to make themselves relevant during holidays and cultural events. Even though Hefty has no direct connection to politics or this tumultuous presidential race, the right marketing strategy and humorous creative approach allowed them to be visible in that space. The brands that stand out the most during times like these, are often the ones that we would never expect to see. Hefty understands that they specialize in waste removal, they just took a different approach to what exactly "waste" could mean during election season. In this case, they are removing the trashy political ads, saving audiences from having to see them, and getting their name in front of online users instead. Hefty's bold move is a testament to how the right timing, compelling copy, and a creative strategy can all come together to execute a successful digital marketing campaign. What are some of the best campaigns you've seen from non-political brands during the election? How do you feel about Hefty's ads? Leave a comment below or tweet us @BFMweb!

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