How Businesses Can Earn the Trust of Online Visitors

When you take your business online, the single biggest hurdle you face is gaining the trust of visitors who are unfamiliar with you, your business, your products or your services.

Think about it. You are asking complete strangers to invest their time and their money in the online equivalent of a complete stranger! While the task of gaining trust is a daunting one, it is far from impossible.

Websites for major retailers or established brick and mortar businesses don’t have to worry as much about gaining the trust of their visitors. They’ve already earned it.  You wouldn’t hesitate to buy from Macy’s or Brookstone online, because you know the company behind the name.

Companies that began as online businesses or local companies looking to expand to a national or international clientele have the burden of proving themselves to skeptical visitors.

The ones that succeed do so by working to gain the trust of visitors and then justifying that trust by delivering on their promises.

So how do you earn that trust?

Quality Products or Services

Like any business, you can’t succeed if you aren’t good at what you do. The best website in the world (like the fanciest store in the world) won’t do you any good unless you have something of value to offer. That’s why it is so crucial that you present what differentiates you in a clear and compelling manner.

If you can’t convince a site visitor that you have something special to offer─ and get that message across in a matter of seconds then your website is going to fail. That’s why it is so important to deliver your message of differentiation on your homepage. If you don’t make it the first thing your visitors see, you put your business in jeopardy!


BFM Portfolio Video

If your site visitors are unfamiliar with your business, your products or your services, videos are a great way of telling them about whom you are and what you are about.

They provide an opportunity to demonstrate your passion as well as your expertise. People like to do business with people they like. Among other things, videos can:

  • Put a human face on your company
  • Explain your specific expertise
  • Demonstrate or show off your products
  • Provide insight into the business’s origins and philosophy
  • Show off key staff members



If you are asking people to buy your products and use your services, they are going to want to know: Why should they do business with you?

If you can get sincere testimonials from satisfied customers or clients, it can go a long way towards gaining the trust of your visitors. The key here is that the testimonials must be strong and convincing. Even more importantly, it creates a greater level of trust when you have testimonials from many satisfied customers.

Some of the most effective online testimonials come in the form of video testimonials (see above).


Positive press is the Holy Grail for many small businesses. A single story, extolling the virtues of your business or products, can make sales go through the roof.

Thanks to the proliferation of blogs and online publications, there are many more opportunities to get noticed.

If you sell unique products, put them in the hands of the appropriate media or influencers in your field. Let’s say you have an educational toy for young children, send it to the “Mommy Bloggers” or education writers. If you roast gourmet coffee, then put the beans in the hands of the many online “Foodies.”

They are always looking for new products to share with their audiences. If they like you, they’ll write about you. On the other hand, make sure your products are great- because if they don’t like you, they’ll write about that as well.

One you’ve garnered positive press/blogger  attention, post it prominently on your website. Basically, it tells your potential customers that your products have been given the proverbial seal of approval from a legitimate source.

Customer Service

customer service

When it comes to gaining visitor trust, this may be the most important thing of all!

You want people to feel comfortable buying from you or choosing you as a service provider. A site like Zappos became an enormous online success because customer service- more than just shoes- was the principle “product” they were selling. Amazon became a force of nature because of the awesome job they do with customer service.

You need to prominently feature your customer service on the homepage and the internal pages of your website. Make your customer service phone number large, easy to read and prominently displayed. If you have the budget and manpower, provide live chat (preferably 24 hour service).

Show your shipping and returns policies clearly and make those policies as customer friendly as possible.

In Conclusion

First-time visitors to any business website are going to be skeptical, especially if yours is a business they have not dealt with before. Make no mistake about it; it is your job to win them over. They have thousands of alternatives to your site and are always a single click away from abandoning your site. Winning their trust isn’t easy, but it can be accomplished.



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  1. very much informative article. We have to buildup a online business positively to come visitors .To go a long run way we should follow this. Thank You for this article Mr.Gabriel Shaoolian.

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