Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective marketing tactics to bring high-quality traffic to a website and help foster conversions for any given business. In order for companies to stay relevant in their industries and maintain business growth, it's crucial to appear as high as possible in search engine rankings. In a world where an online presence means just as much, if not more, than an offline presence, success in search engine rankings--where users are first discovering your brand, is key. CareerGlider, a hub for students and job seekers looking for information about different careers and academic paths, came to Blue Fountain Media eager to enhance their online presence and expand their business. Our team of digital marketing experts worked with CareerGlider to develop a strategy that included a series of marketing initiatives, many of which were SEO-oriented, to help them accomplish their goals by increasing their brand recognition and the number of relevant, qualified visitors to their website.


Two major components of SEO include content marketing and digital PR. In order to be successful with your SEO efforts, you need content that is both high-quality as well as interesting, and you need that material to circulate relevant media publications online so that you can reach your target audience. Both content marketing and digital PR initiatives are absolutely crucial to enhancing search engine rankings. To achieve the objectives that CareerGlider wished to accomplish, we had our SEO team implement a series of content marketing and digital PR efforts to help increase traffic to the CareerGlider website, and make the brand more widely viewed and recognized as a resource for job seekers and students. To publicize CareerGlider as a valuable resource for their target audience - students and job-seekers - our team of content marketers developed a variety of high-quality, detailed content that was utilized as blog posts for the website. This content had to be regularly updated, and fresh content had to constantly be created in order to stay relevant and prominent in search engine rankings. Infographics, quizzes, videos, and intriguing visuals were crafted by our team to increase engagement with users and really leave an impression. By researching the audience that CareerGlider should target, content was tailored to meet their needs. Our team spent time examining relevant analytics and understanding who the CareerGlider audience was, what sites they visited, and what they wanted to see, among other key factors. We were able to develop content that would be unique and would initially bring the target audience to CareerGlider, keep them on the site, and foster interactions with the site. Traditional PR works to bridge the gap between an organization and the public through the media. Our digital PR team follows the same best practices you'll find in traditional PR-but geared toward the digital world of online media. Like our team of content marketers, our PR experts also focused heavily on the right audience for CareerGlider's SEO campaign. They did outreach to establish some of the experts at CareerGlider as thought leaders in the industry by scoring placements in top-tier media that would attract the right users to CareerGlider's online presence. Infographics were disseminated to major and relevant publications to attract users to the site, and keep them on the site longer. Content partnerships were secured with relevant publications such as Career Addict and Undergrad Success, and placements on outlets that reached over 700,000 viewers, such as Metro NY, were secured. One of the branded infographics created, "The Importance of Social Media for Your Job Search," was pitched to and picked up by outlets such as AdWeek and Entrepreneur, both with domain authorities above 80, meaning that they were highly-trafficked high-quality sites. Google enhances your SEO ranking and domain authority somewhat based on the amount of authoritative websites linking to your site, as authoritative websites sending users and links your way tends to indicate that your website is also high-quality, resourceful, and authoritative. These efforts helped to not only draw in traffic, but to create a more comprehensive backlink profile to help the site's overall quality in the eyes of search engines. From March 2014 to March 2015, take a look below to see some of the results our team helped to drive:


538% Increase in Organic Search Traffic Year over Year Over the course of a year, CareerGlider experienced a 538% increase in organic traffic. Our team at Blue Fountain Media produced high-quality content on the website and blog, and our team of digital PR experts disseminated a lot of that unique content including infographics, expert advice, and other pieces of content to attract attention to the site, and bring in users. By fostering brand recognition online, more and more users were visiting CareerGlider as a leading source for their career and educational needs. This was one of the leading contributors to the drastic increase in organic traffic.
237% increase in Blog Views Year over Year From March 2014 to March 2015, CareerGlider experienced a significant 237% increase in blog views. Our team took the initiative to increase the quality and quantity, as well as overall uniqueness of posts to attract more views. We focused on relevant long tail keywords to ensure that the posts were optimized for search engines and users alike. New blog posts aimed to answer questions that our audience would ask. Paired with a digital PR push that developed increased attention and helped to naturally amass links to the blog, views increased. 24.83% Decrease in Bounce Rate Year over Year Enhancing the quality of content as far as the relevancy of what users were searching for helped reduce bounce rate by 24.83% over the same time period. Users visiting the site weren't visiting one page and immediately leaving-they were exploring other pages on the site because of the valuable content that they were finding. Before working with our content team, the posts CareerGlider was producing didn't have nearly as much detail or actionable advice for readers as the content we started to curate. We took the necessary steps to design posts that aside from featuring high-quality content included unique imagery that helped to engage users time after time. We also created regular videos about different career paths, and started using quizzes around topics that our readers wanted to learn about. 46.59 % Increase in New Sessions Year over Year The more content that you have, the more value you can provide users if it is of the highest quality possible. That underlying concept can be attributed to one of the reasons why CareerGlider saw a 46.59% increase in new sessions over the course of a year. Regular, fresh content gets read by search engines, often attributing to a higher ranking in search engines. Our team focused on the right keywords for CareerGlider, resulting in a natural upswing of users finding the site as a resource. Increase from 24 Ranking Keywords to 134 Ranking Keywords With the right keyword research, our SEO team at Blue Fountain Media identified which terms most users were searching for and which of those terms would be most important and relevant to CareerGlider and its offerings. Keyword rankings skyrocketed from an initial 24 terms ranking in search engines to 134 between 2014 and 2015. Blog content featured naturally occurring keywords, which were related to the terms that CareerGlider wanted to rank for. We determined the keywords that most closely mirrored what users were searching for such as "most sought after degrees" and "how much does it cost to become a." For all of the keywords CareerGlider ranked for, each page was tailored to have the correct response to what users were likely looking for when they searched that particular keyword.

Building Brand Recognition through SEO

SEO has become one of the most effective aspects within marketing to produce qualified traffic for any business' website. To enhance the online presence of CareerGlider, and subsequently aid in producing significant business growth, our method to reach the site's goals was focused on generating high-quality content that would engage users and encourage new and repeat visits. With this significant increase in brand recognition, CareerGlider started growing immensely. Marketing initiatives were tailored to meet individual needs because more information now became available about customers and potential customers. Users were familiar enough with the brand to convert more readily, and they continued to "travel" further down the conversion funnel as a result of their increased awareness and understanding of the value the company can provide.
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