How To Capture a Larger Audience with AdWords for Video

What's not to like about watching videos? Besides the mediums ability to immediately engage an audience, a well-constructed display videos can instruct, elicit emotion and shape viewer opinions.

The bottom line is video is an extremely effective tool. If you’re trying to build awareness for your client while keeping the marketing spend in check, video can lead to a 20 percent increase in website traffic and a 5 percent increase in searches for a business, according to Google Campaign Insights, 2011.

Of course, if you’re planning to improve your online ROI a hackneyed video and undisciplined analytics monitoring won’t cut it. However, with a little effort you can clearly measure success through some basic metrics: conversion rate, website traffic and view-through rate.

So it only makes sense that Google would tailor one of its flagship products to work with video.

Some quick stats to consider:

  • 73 percent of online retailers used video on product pages this year, an impressive jump from 55 percent back in 2010. (eMarketer)
  • 181 million U.S. Internet users watched nearly 37 billion online content videos in April. (comScore)
  • Video ads had a record-breaking month with nearly 9.5 billion, representing 1 in 5 videos viewed online in April. (comScore)
  • 84.5 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video in April. (comScore)

Starting to see the picture?

And as more consumers continue to access content on their smartphones, tablets and laptops, there’s a new segment of viewers that is more efficiently reached with cross media video campaigns on YouTube and the Google Display Network.

younger viewers online


Google AdWords for video is designed to help marketers:

  • Find the right audience.
  • Measure the effectiveness of their spend.
  • Pay only for engaged views.
  • Pay for clicks and set budgets with bids.
  • Pay only when someone chooses to watch an ad
  • Create and manage video campaigns from the same platform as search and display ads.
As you can see by now it's very similiar to AdWords.

How it Works

As we mentioned earlier, nothing tells a story like video. So here is a demonstration video designed to teach you more about AdWords for video.

How to Generate More Leads and Build Brand Recognition Whitepaper


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  1. Video Ads, while extremely annoying the viewer, can sometimes be effective if they can’t be skipped. If they can, your chances of getting them viewed are slim. Additionally, when making an initial impression with anyone, even regarding the initial impression of your products, you want to begin with good rapport. Interupting someones entertainment is a surefire way to create instant bad rapport with a viewer. Regarding the pop-over Adwords, I find myself mostly waiting for the ads to popup just so I can close them and be free of distractions for the remainder of the video. I’m pretty sure nearly everyone hates adwords for video. It’s the same as the ads that come on Pandora just prior to playing your songs… I don’t think I’ve ever noticed what a single ad has said I just immediately hunt for a close button. Just my 2-cents.

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