By building an integrated campaign that takes advantage of both

Many of our customers have learned to rely on the steady traffic growth our high-ROI SEO can bring. Others are interested in using social media marketing to increase brand awareness and really get in touch with their customers. At Blue Fountain Media, we don't just offer best-of-breed SEO and SMM solutions - we design our campaigns to take advantage of how both kinds of marketing can work together.

The strength of SEO

SEO is simply the most effective, highest-ROI method for delivering traffic and converting users. Our SEO clients range from startups to small businesses to large companies and even charities - in every case, we've been able to beat both offline advertising and standard paid search advertising. Why is search engine optimization so lucrative? It all boils down to the numbers: most pay-per-click advertisers do reasonably well when they buy ads on Google. But the vast majority of Google visitors click on standard search results: some studies claim that organic results get about 90% of search engine clicks compared to exactly the same site displayed as an ad. Paid search results are slightly more likely to turn a visitor into a customer, but even making some generous assumptions about the high value of PPC clicks, at least 80% of a site's eventual customers will get there without ever clicking an ad. At the same time, almost 90% of search marketing spending goes to pay-per-click ads instead of organic search. This makes SEO a fantastic investment.

The power of social media

Advertising might be one way to get people interested in a product, but people find one-on-one conversations much more convincing than one-to-many ads. Social media marketing lets companies get involved in the conversation, in a way that's targeted and effective. But social media isn't just about talking: it's about listening. An ad can't find out what's on a customer's mind, or what objections they have to the product. It's a great way to figure out what to do next.

The combination is unbeatable

How can you use them together? Simple. Social media marketing tells you what people are saying, which is a good way to figure out what they're searching for. If you know what they're searching for, you know what to optimize for. It's the most effective, in-depth way to get new ideas for how to market your site. At Blue Fountain Media, we're always finding new ways to get the most out of our different services. Whether it's combining SEO and SMM or combining marketing and design, we're always ready to give our clients a great return on their investment.