How to Schedule Posts on Twitter

How to Schedule Posts on Twitter

Twitter recently introduced the option to schedule your tweets ahead of time, allowing users to create a tweet and set a date and time, up to 1 year in advance, for it to be sent out.

Historically, anyone from the daily personal user, to the fashion blogger, to a B2B company would have had to jump between multiple platforms to schedule their Twitter content. Twitter's new scheduled posts are a great way for users to spread their tweets throughout the day without having to utilize a third party service like they have had to in the past. With this new update, the need to navigate to a third party platform to schedule content has been eliminated.

To get started, visit the Twitter ad page and create an advertiser account to start enjoying the privileges associated with scheduled posts.

Once you've created an advertiser account, select "Compose Tweet" or go to the "Creatives" tab and select "Tweets".

From there, select "Only scheduled tweets".

Now here comes the fun part- compose your tweet, select scheduling, and choose your desired date and time, down to the precise minute.

Sit back and relax as your posts are scheduled to be sent out!

Twitter's Scheduled Tweets

Why Should You Care?

While most people will be extremely excited by this development, some still might be wondering WHY they should care that they are now able to preschedule their tweets. There are various reasons why someone would be interested in scheduling their content ahead of time, but they most important to recognize are:

    • Organization- Forget the sticky notes and the third party services you've used in the past, you can preschedule directly on the Twitter platform. This means less clutter on your screen and greater levels of productivity when scheduling tweets.
    • Posting static events- If you have a set schedule of promotions, events, and updates, this feature will allow you to concentrate on other aspects of the actual event rather than focusing on tweeting out daily posts for an event you've had planned for months. For example, having prescheduling all set up means that if you want to live tweet at an event you can do so freely without having to worry about sending out important announcements that you could have scheduled months (if not, a year) beforehand.
    • Time constraints- We often say it, but there really is not enough time in the day. With busy schedules, time zone differences, and locational constraints, we've all spent nights and weekends tweeting out content to customers located on the other side of the world. Now you can schedule tweets to be sent out that will apply to them, and run a great A/B test based on timing at the same time.

As always, the social media world is dynamic, always changing. Be wary of prescheduling posts, and make sure they are always relatable. For example, if you had prescheduled a tweet that said "What a great play, did you see that", during last year's Super Bowl, it would not have been so relevant. This new tool will be a great way to increase efficiency in Twitter users, but remember it is important to be aware of your prescheduled content at all times.

So, get to scheduling, there's a major audience out there!

More fun facts about Twitter:

      • 30% of Twitter users get their tweet on about holiday shopping prior to the start of October.Tweet this
      • The average amount of monthly users on Twitter is now numbered at upwards of 230 million.Tweet this
      • On average, 500 million tweets are sent, per day. Imagine the time we will save by scheduling our tweets!Tweet this
      • Barack Obama's victory tweet was the most retweeted tweet, ever.
      • The official Twitter account for Sweden is run by a different citizen each week. Talk about original content!
      • 45% of ads in the Super Bowl contained a hashtag, maybe next year we will see #blackout make an appearance?

Any other Twitter scheduling tips or tricks you want to share or are curious to know about? Leave a comment below or tweet us @BFMweb.

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