As uncomfortable as Adwords Enhanced Campaigns may make those of us who have grown accustomed to a certain level of control, we must adapt. The change is inevitable and you will continue to be pestered to upgrade your campaigns until Adwords consumes your campaign and spits it back out anyway it pleases. D-day is July 22, people. Be prepared. One of the nicer features included in Enhanced Campaigns - that's right, there are good additions - is the improved settings for Call Tracking extended to all advertisers free of charge. So here's what you're missing if you haven't upgraded your call extensions:

1. Free Google Forwarding Number: If you still use legacy campaigns, you still pay that annoying little $1.00 fee anytime a user completes a call using a Google Forwarding number. If you are not using a Google forwarding number - you don't know when a call is made from an ad. With the new, free call extensions (should you choose), you get to see where the call came from, and how long (in seconds) the call lasted. Data is king right? So get the numbers and get that data.

2. Extension Scheduling: This is great for advertisers who know that the phone call only means something if someone is there to answer it. You can now schedule your Phone Extension to only appear during your operating hours.

extension scheduling


3. Phone Call Conversions: This is probably my favorite feature - you determine how long a phone call lasts in order for it to carry actual value. Google sets the default conversion time at 60 seconds, but there are plenty of businesses where 60 seconds is hardly enough time to constitute a valuable phone conversation. So pay attention when you set up that extension, and figure out which allotment of time (in seconds) results in a valuable phone call.

4. Don't want it all? Then take your pick. Google offers you some level of control here - granted that tablet will still get bunched with desktop. You may choose to only show your phone number on mobile devices. You may choose to opt out of Google's call reporting (which is fine if you use your own call tracking system). And you may choose to show only your phone number, or both the phone number and website.

advanced options


So check out the upgraded call extensions. It gives marketers the opportunity to collect a little more data, and prove a little more value in their pay-per-click marketing campaigns. Have you upgraded to enhanced campaigns yet? Let us know what you think in the comments below or tweet @BFMweb.