How to Use LinkedIn to Find Your Company a Perfect New Hire


Social media has drastically changed the way you can recruit talent today. From sourcing thousands of applicants instantaneously to showcasing corporate culture to potential candidates, social platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, are greatly helping businesses discover top candidates and share the inner workings of the organization at a moment's notice.

With this newfound avenue for recruiting, various challenges have been introduced as well. With the application process almost entirely digitized, recruiters are bombarded with such a vast amount of applications that the search for the perfect candidate often becomes overwhelming and tedious. It can be extremely difficult to properly locate that "magic unicorn" in the passive candidate pool that may be just what you are looking for and may just be ready to talk… right now.

Of all the social platforms at your fingertips, LinkedIn by far provides the most robust solution on the market when it comes to sourcing top talent for your business. To find the most success with this social platform and its powerful recruiter tool, consider some of our proven tips below to take your recruitment to the next level by uncovering passive candidates and engaging active applications:

Top 5 Tips for Uncovering Passive Candidates:

    1. Use filters to help narrow down a specific demographic or skillset requirement for the candidate you are looking for. When doing outreach, this is key to finding candidates that precisely meet your qualifications.
    2. Create "Saved Searches" from your filtered results to ensure quick access to brand new candidates that come along. Utilizing email alerts associated with these saved searches also ensures that you regularly receive updates with any new candidates you should be reaching out to.
    3. For the initial message you send to a candidate, just give a little tease about the position. This isn't the time to lay out all your cards and divulge all of the information about the role. A simple note to introduce a candidate to your company and an invitation to have a conversation is all that's needed. Leave the hard sell for the informational call.

LinkedIn Recruiter

  1. Leverage the Recruiter App for iOS and Android to quickly and conveniently peruse your saved searches, flip through profiles, and message candidates from the comfort of your couch or a cozy corner of the office.
  2. Keep those numbers up. This is a numbers game after-all, you can expect about 10-20 responses from every 100 InMails sent to candidates. If you are hoping to get 10 candidates lined up to speak with, you should be sure to message at least 100 qualified candidates. But beware, you just might get lucky and have a deluge of responses – be sure to get back to each and every one.

Top 5 Tips for Finding Active Candidates:

  1. Utilize the "Apply Now" option for job postings. Candidates today are fickle and unfortunately a bit lazy when it comes to filling out applications. As a business you are also competing with countless other companies for attention from top candidates. Making the application process quick and easy is a good way to get someone to raise their hand and express interest in your opening.
  2. Leverage social recruiting the right way—it's more than just posting your openings to Facebook and Twitter. Think about what people are doing on these various platforms and what you might like to see if you were the audience. What you'll find is that these are great places to get a feel for the culture and atmosphere of the company.

    Post "behind the scenes" photos of the office on Instagram and Facebook, drive thought leadership through Twitter and tie that into calls to "join in on the work" linking to your LinkedIn company page. It's all about building brand equity and awareness so that when a candidate sees your name, they instantly associate you with the type of company they want to work for.
  3. Create job descriptions with personality. No one wants to have a mundane job at a boring company. Make sure your job description is not only informative, but also approachable and fun to read. This is your chance to stand out at that last moment and excite potential candidates.
  4. Don't underestimate the power of a referral. By encouraging employees to share job postings with their social network you can reach more potential applicants with first hand recommendations from their friends.
  5. Spruce up that company page! A well-presented company brand on LinkedIn is critical for framing your company in the best light possible. Consider hiring a digital agency to help properly position your page with the appropriate design elements and layout. It's an effective way to build a strong social presence that will in return provide you with the most ideal candidates for any position you are looking to fill.

Take these tips into consideration when crafting your recruiting strategy and watch the results soar.

What success has your business found using LinkedIn to hire the perfect employee? Let us know in the comments section below.

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