How To Use New Tools and Controls to Manage Google+ Pages

After introducing Google+ Pages as a way to provide businesses the ability to build a public identity on Google+, the company has been busy tweaking the platform and recently added new tools and controls – Multiple Administrators and Ownership Transfer, Notification Settings and Unified +1 & Circle Count - to help better manage these pages.

These three additions should help marketers and business owners create a more robust social presence across Google’s social network.

Multiple Administrators and Ownership Transfer

In the new world of Google+ there are two types of administrators: owners and managers. And while each page can only have one owner, the number of managers allowed is now 50 - a pretty significant sum. Under Google law all managers are endowed with the same inalienable rights. No one manger holds any more sway than another. This obviously allows you to spread responsibility across a wide spectrum.

Managers can publish posts, respond to comments, add photos, change profile information, and add/remove other managers. In addition, Google has added the ability for you to transfer page ownership. However, ownership can only be transferred to an existing manager.

How To: Click the ‘Transfer Ownership’ link in the new Page Settings panel and then choose one of the managers you’d like to transfer ownership to. Easy.

Google+ settings


Real World Example: You’ve created a Google+ page for your independent book store and because you’re serving free coffee to anyone purchasing a book, this store has become pretty popular among the bohemian set and keeping up with all the new book titles coming in while juggling Google+ page activity has become tricky. Add a few employees as managers to help respond to your page's increasing traffic and allow them to make updates.

Notification Settings

Activity is the lifeblood of social media interaction, without it we wither and die on the Internet vine. Google+ Pages has incorporated a feature designed to deliver notifications for any activity on the page. The new notification settings enable customization for business pages separately from personal profiles. These settings are adjustable to allow higher and lower levels of notification. These new settings allow you to change the email address where page notifications are sent, customize what you’d like to be notified about, and adjust how you’d like to be notified.

How To: View and adjust your notification settings:

1. Use the menu on the side of the page to switch over to the page you’d like to adjust settings for.

2. Click Settings on the side of the stream.

3. If not already selected, click General on the opposite side of the page.

4. Using the check boxes, identify which events you want to generate email and SMS notifications.

Helpful hint: You can only use a single email address to receive notifications, so why not send notifications to a group alias? This way one person doesn’t have to be responsible for disseminating all information.  Just click Change and select the email address in the ‘Set delivery preferences’ section.

Unified +1 & Circle Count

Google has also changed the +1 count shown on Google+ Pages. The bold count on a given page includes both +1’s on Google+ and across the Web, as well as the number of people who have added to a circle.

Google+ circle

Benefit:  The change was designed to better highlight the number of ways people have chosen to recommend and follow businesses with Google. Google+ pages now automatically have the +1 button appear. For example, visitors can now endorse any page with a simple click and because another form of endorsement is adding a page to a circle, Google combined the count of +1’s and circle adds your page has received.

Hepful hint: If you’re curious just how many +1’s your page has, you can subtract out the number of people who’ve added your page to their circles. To see how many circle adds you have, just click the circles icon (ICON) at the top of the page.

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  1. I think the unified +1 circle is a nice update.

    I’m interested to see how G+ interaction takes off in 2012 and how it will affect our daily outreach and tasks.

  2. cool, helpful article tim!

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