Although 2013 is at a close, taking a moment to reflect back on the important data that the year provided about the realm of digital marketing can be an extremely helpful tool when formulating an effective marketing strategy for the coming year. By taking note of existing trends and data, it will be easier to apply the lessons learned from the past year to your current marketing efforts.

In an attempt to compile the most helpful of this data, we've created an infographic that breaks down all the data you need to know from 2013.

2013 Year in Review Infographic

With more than 60% of marketers expecting their companies to invest more in digital marketing efforts in 2014, there has never been a better time to consider the lessons 2013 has taught us.

Email Marketing

In the realm of email, perhaps the most important thing to take note of is that users are now reading their email on mobile devices more than any other device, including desktops. The lesson to take away? Make sure that your email campaigns are optimized for mobile devices so that users can easily read and navigate through your emails.

Social Media Marketing

For social media, perhaps the most eye-opening piece of data is that 68% of consumers are now checking out companies on social networking sites before buying a product. For businesses that are still missing a social media profile or haven't spent much time making sure that their social media presence is up to snuff, this data point should be a real wake-up call - by not having an optimized social media presence, you could be missing out on a considerable amount of sales that might be going to one of your competitors that has taken the time to beautify their social media!

Content Marketing

Many people may consider 2013 to have been the year of content marketing, but even if you don't, a 300% increase in content marketing's ROI over the previous 3 years should be a clear indicator to you that if you aren't already engaging in content marketing that now is the time. With a great ROI and minimal initial investment, content marketing should be a no-brainer for businesses that are trying to optimize their online presence.

Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to clicks from search, SEO still reigns supreme. About 70% of links search users clicked on in 2013 were organic in nature. If your SEO efforts aren't up to snuff, this data should make you aware of the fact that you're missing out on a great deal of traffic and potential conversions by shunning SEO.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

With 72% of PPC marketers planning to increase their pay-per-click marketing budget in 2014, savvy marketers will identify the need to keep up spending to not get left behind. If you just read that sentance and thought to yourself "well, just because everyone else is spending money on PPC doesn't mean I have to," consider this: with Google's new [not provided] for keywords from organic search, PPC is one of the best opportunities you'll have to still get important keyword data that can help you optimize your website for what users are searching for.

2013 was a great year for digital marketing that provided marketers with illuminating data and fascinating new trends - leveraging what 2013 taught us is the best way to craft the best possible marketing strategy to begin 2014 on the right foot.

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What data did you find the most interesting? Did we miss any data that you think is important to take note of as we enter 2014? Let us know below in the comments section or by tweeting us @BFMweb!
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