Holiday shopping is one of the biggest opportunities of the year for online retailers. With all five of the biggest online sales days taking place between late November and mid-December, online stores can't afford to miss out on a fantastic chance to drive massive sales. In honor of the most wonderful (and important) season for ecommerce, we've compiled an infographic that will teach you all the data you need to know about the ins and outs of the holiday season online:

Ecommerce Holiday Shopping: The Biggest Opportunity of the Year for Online Retailers
With holiday spending increasing as much as 76% on online holiday discount days such as "Free Shipping Day," it is little wonder that being prepared for the holiday shopping season is paramount for any online ecommerce business. With the activities and priorities of online shoppers changing, it is necessary to understand and identify trends in online retail. Being aware of data such as the fact that 40% of online shoppers look for the best price when choosing a holiday retailer, or that 67% of online shoppers read online reviews, can help you better design your online ecommerce website to better cater what a customer is looking for before they make a purchase. If your online business is not structured in a way that tries to give shoppers what they are looking for when they are thinking about buying a product, your business could be missing out on sales during the most important time of the year. Know any other interesting statistics about holiday shopping online we forgot to include? Let us know by leaving a comment below or by tweeting at @BFMweb.
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