Social media is one of the most powerful tools a brand can use to build their business online. For fashion brands in particular, reaching out to customers on social in a way that makes them engage with a brand can lead to massive increases in brand loyalty as well as in sales. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in particular are fantastic resources for fashion brands to show customers what they have to offer through stunning visuals and witty copy. So, which brands do this best? In an effort to spotlight fashion brands that deserve recognition for their social media efforts we've created an infographic that breaks down the most important (and interesting) data we could find about how fashion brands preform online.

Fashionably Social: The Most Successful Fashion Brands on Social Media

The Best Content Topics for Fashion Brands on Social Media

Particularly interesting to note is that out of the most engaging posts across the fashion industry on social, 30% revolved around lifestyle. This means that instead of simply selling a product the most engaging posts sell a lifestyle that a product can help a user to achieve. It is also interesting that 13% of engaging posts for fashion brands were classified as "interesting facts" - not selling a product, but rather entertaining and educating and audience in an effort to build brand loyalty. It is worth noting that a good sales pitch can definitely still be engaging, as 27% are simple product posts.

The Power of Pinterest

If your fashion business is still not on Pinterest, it's time to get an account. When just ten of the fashion industry's biggest brands can combine to create a total of 462,000 shares, 94.6 million impressions and over 3,500 repins per day when only creating 400 pins per day collectively, Pinterest's power for fashion businesses trying to reach a customer should be made obvious. If you break down the numbers, this means that if you were just one of these ten brands, you could create a total of 46,200 shares, 9.46 million impressions and 350 repins a day by only pinning 40 times a day! Consider the amount of work versus reward that would provide your business both in terms of online presence and hard sales. Any other businesses we missed that do the fashion industry proud on social media? Know any other interesting data you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments section below, or by tweeting us @BFMweb.
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