Instagram Adds Video: We Heard It Through the Grape-Vine

It's been talked about all week, change was coming to Facebook and they weren't talking about image-based comments or #hashtags. The big announcement was...

Video for Instagram!
You may say, "I heard this news on Monday and I already Vine." But before you break out that sad trombone, let's take a look at what Vinstagram, or Insta-video or Video for Instagram is offering.

What's New?
Co-founder and CEO, Kevin Systrom, spoke to Instagram's mission: to capture and share the world's moments. This manifesto extended to:

  • All 130 million iPhone and Android users.
  • Its 16 billion shared photos (That's a lot of pictures of coffee)
  • Their 1 billion likes daily
  • And now, video.

The focus of this two and a half year project for this product add on was three-fold:

  • Simplicity
  • Beauty
  • Community

Because these are three of the tenets Instagram was built upon, as well as principles on which Instagram has built and continues to build its success, these three points lead both UX and UI so that you, the user, have the greatest ease of use.

Instagram update

You won't see any changes until you've gone into the capture screen, but:

1. Once there, you'll notice the addition of a video icon. Unlike Vine's six-second capture, Instagram gives you 15 seconds of continuous or stop motion video.
2. Hold down the red video button to record your video.
3. When creating a stop-motion video stich, it is easy to delete one clip from your full video with the delete button.
4. Your next step features 13 brand new custom filters for video and a choice of custom frame for video sharing purposes. This is proof that Instagram feels that customizing a user's creativity aligns with their belief of creating beautiful moments. After video completion, you can go pick the social channels on which you'd like to share.
5. Your feed will look the same with the addition of a video icon in the upper right-hand corner of video submissions. One play, no loop.

One last addition is technology they've called Cinema: cinematic stabilization for your videos. No more shaky videos.

The social space is big business nowadays and this is clearly an attempt to invade the space Vine has made for itself in the past six months as well as another level of the Facebook/Twitter battle. What Instagram has presented are product details that can be viewed as advantages to companies and individuals who were looking into short-form video but didn't feel Vine's was offering them enough. Of course it could be pointed out that due the shorter period of time allotted, Vine is a place where even more creativity is availed due to its limitations.

Whichever stance one takes, marketers are sure to, at some point, test both - and individuals will surely do the same. I'm sure there will be aspects of each that you like and don't like.

With that being said, why don't you leave some of those in the comments so that we can all watch and learn - or by tweeting @BFMweb.

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