A single line of copy is the product of dozens of choices. Together, small decisions determine whether a phrase sounds young or old, formal or casual, authoritative or friendly. It’s the same with visual design.

Brands pay careful attention to these choices because they matter: without the right choices, there is no brand.

Getting everything right is a tough task in one language – but it’s exponentially more complex in twenty languages. Think of all the nuances that go into your marketing on home soil. When your customers are scattered from Bogotá to Bangkok, how can you be sure they’re all having the precise experience you want them to have?

This is a real challenge for even the biggest global brands. Most grasp the critical importance of adapting content, images, and experiences for local audiences. But it’s one thing to ‘do’ localization – it’s another to be sure your brand is being represented in just the right way, everywhere.

Overcoming the Problem of Scale

A challenge in globalizing any brand is that cultural understanding—the nuance that doesn’t show up on graphs and spreadsheets—doesn’t scale easily.

It’s always possible to test copy or landing pages or user flows. It’s harder to repeat tests and studies across cultures while maintaining consistency—and without spending a fortune.

A strong globalization practice is built to tackle problems of scale with a deep bench of translation resources, efficient processes and, increasingly, AI. But the questions of interest to brands aren’t necessarily translation questions. They’re marketing questions. And to help answer them, you need marketers.

A New Hybrid Approach

Seeing this challenge arise more often, we teamed up with our parent company,Pactera EDGE, to introduce a solution that capitalized on what we both do best.

Seeing a need for a combination of globalization and agency services, we created a hybrid offering, which we call Global Experience Assessment.

The power of this solution is that it generates in-depth global research in a format you can scale to as many languages and cultures as you require.

You also get maximum flexibility in what you can test – from the appropriateness of your tone, to perceptions of your brand, to how your creative matches up against competitors. We apply whatever testing tools are most appropriate for the job – whether quantitative (such as surveys) or qualitative (in-depth user interviews).

What makes this possible is the ability to bring together the right team and unique technology. Each project is powered by a team of specialists in content, design, UX and localization, giving us the ability to engage with global markets, generate real insights, and bring them back to you in a digestible way.

We leverage Pactera EDGE’s proprietary OneForma tool to recruit a pool of users who represent your desired demographic and (literally) speak your language, and also have the ability to use data visualization tools to share the results in visually compelling formats.

What’s Next

For BFM, this new service represents an exciting opportunity because it allows close collaboration with our parent company, Pactera EDGE, and deepens the global footprint of our agency offerings. With initial work already underway, we’re looking forward to uncovering priceless insights from around the globe.

Learn more about Global Experience Assessment.


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