During the month of January at BFM, we focused on the growing concern centered around consumer data and privacy. Keep reading to take a look at our most trending blog posts, most popular press articles and more.


Trending Blog Posts

The State of Cybercrime and Cybersecurity in 2020 and Beyond:

In this article, our Head of Technology, Dan Drapeau, talks about the cybercrime and security landscape regarding challenges companies and consumers might face within the upcoming years. Cybercrime is becoming more and more common, posing as a difficult challenge for businesses to defeat. The cybercrime threat is predicted to cost businesses almost 5.2 trillion dollars just within the next five years. Check out the article to see what new developments 2020 will bring regarding this growing problem.

Three Companies that Prove Data is Key to Successful Digital Transformation

When Starbucks was forced to close down hundreds of stores back in 2009 their team needed to re-evaluate their “traditional” coffee shop method. They began using analytics to identify the best locations to open new stores based on foot traffic patterns and neighborhood income levels.  In this article, our team delves into how companies such as Starbucks can begin to leverage data to revitalize their digital transformation strategies. Analytics plays a major role in establishing the foundation for an effective and successful digital transformation. Take a look at this article to learn more about how your company can begin to compile analytics to influence your digital transformation approach.

The Evolution of Consumer Privacy in 2020

Over the past few years, consumer privacy has been a gradual growing thought in the minds of businesses, consumers and more importantly the government. Back in 2018, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was signed and went into full effect officially on January 1, 2020. Throughout this article we answer questions such as; will consumer privacy and protection continue to be an issue in 2020, are more states going to adopt consumer privacy protection laws, etc.  Our team then goes on to discuss the implications of enhanced privacy laws for consumers and merchants. Review the article and let us know if you think more regulation is a good or bad thing.


Recent Case Studies

Cathay Bank: Better banking through digital transformation  

Cathay Bank wanted a renovated digital presence that helped increase traffic, demonstrated value to prospective customers and provided ongoing support to established customers. It needed to be user-centric and modern, while effectively showcasing that the relationship between customers and banking representatives is at the core of their value proposition.  This case study shows the effective approach our team took into creating a revitalized digital space for this expanding company.



Delta Star: Digital transformation for North America’s transformer authority

The Delta Star web presence has historically been an informational brochure style site where users could learn more about offered services and physical goods. Our team faced the challenge of transforming this static informational site into a powerhouse lead generation digital platform that increased conversions and generated awareness. Read on to learn how we were able to revolutionize this industry leaders’ digital presence.



RailWorks: A Digital HQ for North America’s Track Experts

RailWorks’ website needed a fresh design that could strongly convey the company’s rich history and capabilities. The preexisting website was unable to accomplish this goal as well as conveying a unified brand voice. Together, we were able to create a strong digital property that reflected the unique personality of RailWorks and its iconic brand. Check out the case study below!



BFM in the Press

Quartz: Why apps don’t belong anywhere near elections

BFM Head of Technology, Dan Drapeau was featured in this article regarding the turmoil around the most recent Iowa Democratic caucuses. The article discusses in detail why apps should have never been considered in the first place for use in such an important election. Electronic voting systems and new technology such as the app that was used should’ve had a number of testing done before debuting it during the poll. Drapeau goes on to discuss how the app could’ve benefited from load testing and how an app of this nature should’ve had a third party involved. Take a look at the article to learn more about the Iowa caucus catastrophe.

Martech Series: TechBytes With Brian Byer, Vice President, GM At Blue Fountain Media

In the article, our Vice President and General Manager, Brian Byer talks everything from his role at BFM to where he sees AR and VR playing a role in the website experience. Byer goes into depth about some of the biggest web trends moving forward in 2020 with voice technology being one of his most highlighted points. Check out the article to learn more about the progressive technology BFM uses and find out what Byer feels will be the most disruptive technology digital marketers will face in the near future.


SmartBrief: 2020 digital marketing trends: Emerging tech is no longer considered ‘emerging’

SmartBrief featured BFM Vice President and General Manager, Brian Byer in this article discussing 2020 digital marketing trends. He goes into depth about how most of these trends aren’t exactly “trends” but necessary adoptions to appease eager consumers. Byer mentions the optimization of voice search, noting that 30% of searches in 2020 will take place without using a screen. Explore the article to find if your business is equipped to ‘keep up’ with growing user expectations.


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