When it comes to digital marketing campaigns, it's important to determine what channels will best reach your target audience, and what strategies should be used to most effectively tap into those demographics. Blue Fountain Media continues to emphasize the importance of omni-channel digital marketing campaigns by highlighting our recent collaboration with LiveOnNY, a non-profit organ procurement organization focused on the greater New York metropolitan area. Blue Fountain Media and LiveOnNY partnered to design and execute the "Long Live New Yorkers" campaign. The online project highlights the stories of two individuals, Matilda and Dashia, who have first-hand experience with organ donation, and encourage others to contribute their stories through user-generated memes that can be shared across various digital platforms and social media channels.

LiveOnNY - Matilda

The Assignment

The ongoing goal of LiveOnNY is to save lives through organ donation. We were tasked with the responsibility of developing a digital marketing campaign that supports and expands LiveOnNY's "Long Live New Yorkers" campaign, while driving awareness and organ donor registrations. Through strategic marketing channels and media placements, we were going to leverage the true stories of New Yorkers who have either received a donation, or are currently on the waiting list, to drive enrollments amongst other members of the community. We needed to put a human face on the cause, and demonstrate the real impact that organ donation can have on New Yorkers.

The Challenges

Organ donation continues to be a sensitive topic. From personal beliefs, to just a simple lack of knowledge on the subject, these challenges have led to New York ranking 50th out of the 50 states for the percentage of residents who are registered as organ donors. Both LiveOnNY and Blue Fountain Media hoped to improve this statistic, address these issues, and break down the stigma surrounding organ donation through real patient stories that would drum up an emotional reaction and support from the community. The marketing initiative would give New Yorkers the chance to be featured in their very own ad. Alternatively, they could feature a loved one in a custom ad. The goal was to inspire New Yorkers to embrace organ and tissue donation, and register.

LiveOnNY - stats

The Strategy

Blue Fountain Media collaborated with LiveOnNY to create a new initiative that would harness digital marketing as a way of furthering the goal of their organization. We wanted to drive online engagement in order to increase the number of overall donors, and therefore, the number of lives that could be saved as a result. Our plan was to tap into audience members throughout various stages of "awareness" of the cause, and create an omni-channel campaign that would cater to each of them. From individuals who were only slightly familiar with organ donation, but not engaged with it, to advocates who regularly participate within the organization, we wanted to leverage these opportunities to influence the greatest number of people. Our key opportunity was to use existing brand ambassadors as a source to drive awareness for the cause, and ultimately increased donor registrations.

LiveOnNY - strategy

The Campaign

The emotionally-charged campaign was launched in conjunction with National Donate Life Month back in Aprl, and is designed to inspire more individuals to register as organ donors, while encouraging current advocates to push even harder for increased awareness. In order to share the greatest number of stories, we created a meme generator that allowed visitors to add a personal touch on what their experiences with organ donation were like, while putting a face and a name to the cause. Each unique meme tells a special story on how their lives have been impacted, and allows visitors to then share that story with their followers on social media. With the implementation of the meme generator we are utilizing digital marketing to execute a campaign, while also contributing to the overall goal of the organization. In addition, we designed and developed a number of dedicated landing pages on the website that support the campaign, educate visitors, and house the meme generator itself. The site is fully responsive, allowing audiences to contribute to the campaign regardless of what device they are visiting from. These custom pages encourage users to share their support not only for the campaign, but for LiveOnNY's ultimate goal: to save more lives through organ donation. With these initiatives we are able to present sensitive information to online audiences, but convey it in a motivating manner. The website not only allows people to share their personal memes, but share information and resources as well. It acts as an educational hub for visitors hoping to contribute to the campaign, while learning more about the organization itself.

LiveOnNY - memes

The Results

Gabriel Shaoolian, Blue Fountain Media's VP of Digital Services shares his insight on the project stating, "The launch of the site and meme generator, which feature a fully responsive design and a direct link to popular social media platforms, will get users engaged with the cause. With the such a strong omni-channel marketing strategy supporting the campaign, I'm confident we will see results that move the needle." As the campaign continues, our team is collecting data and watching the results of the project progress. Through the use of a solid design and marketing strategy, combined with a collaborative client experience, Blue Fountain Media and LiveOnNY hope to see great success from the campaign itself, and sustained growth for the organization and their efforts. To view the campaign, or find more information about registering to become an organ donor, please visit:

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