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Weekly Marketing Round-Up: Facebook Stumbles, Ads Get Incentivized

Welcome to our latest edition of 5 for Friday!

Read on for this week’s selection of the most relevant headlines pulled straight from our feeds – we hope you find them helpful.


Skills Needed for Marketing Featured Image

Digital Marketing Skills: What Skills are Needed for Marketing?

What skills are needed in order to be a great digital marketer? Our new video blog post discusses.

SEO Tactics to Help Any Online Brand Presence

SEO Tactics to Help Build Any Online Brand Presence on SERP

Using SEO for branding is one of the best ways to get your brand name associated for the keywords you’re already ranking for.

How to Create Landing Pages That Convert

How to Create Great Landing Pages That Convert

How do you create a great landing page where people actually convert? We explore some best practices in our new video.

Starting a Career in Digital Marketing

Beginning a Career in Digital Marketing: Where to Start?

Careers in digital marketing can be difficult to get off the ground. Our new video examines how people can show they know what they are doing in the world of digital marketing to perspective employers.

What is Digital Marketing Featured Image

[VIDEO] What is Digital Marketing?

We reached out to users across the internet about what they wanted to know about digital marketing. This post starts with the basics – what is digital marketing and how is it done?

Content Marketing: The Basics

[VIDEO] Content Marketing: The Basics

Content Marketing can be an extremely helpful addition to any marketing strategy. This video breaks down the basics of adding content marketing to your marketing mix.

Facebook Introduces Auto-Play Video Ads

Facebook Introduces Auto-Play Video Ads

What will Facebook’s auto-play video ads mean for brands trying to boost views and engagement? Read on to find out.

Video Marketing

Amplify your Marketing Mix with Video

Video allows marketers to create an instant emotional connection with an audience in a way that a paragraph of text or a series of images could never do. Learn how to add video to your marketing mix with this post.

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