Notes From the New York Tech Meetup Event in August 2010

ny tech meetup

EVENT: New York Tech Meetup
DATE: August 2010

Eventros - Connects you with other event attendees
Market Publique - A curated vintage clothing marketplace
Turnto - Shop with your friends on any site
Indaba - Web-based music production and collaboration
Philo - "Check in" to TV
Twilio - A platform for building SMS and voice apps
Texai - A robotic platform for being in two places at once
Bing - It's a "decision engine"


Eventros creates an instant, temporary social network based around the event you're currently at.

"Eventros connects you with the other people in the room at professional events."



market publique

Market Publique is a curated marketplace dedicated to vintage fashion. They are committed to bringing the vintage community together by creating a platform that caters to vintage clothing needs. Lots of high-res images, cheap to list, easy to create page templates, only good stuff.




TurnTo allows ecommerce sites to easily integrate social features. See what your friends bought and, perhaps more importantly, see why they bought it.



indaba music

Indaba Music isn't quite a startup--they've been flying under the radar for a few years now--but that's okay. Indaba is a community that lets users make and manage music online. Powerful collaboration and remixing tools let users work together to create their masterpieces. And when you're all done, you can upload your hot new track to iTunes and other online music stores.




Philo lets you check in to TV shows, share what you're watching, and gossip with friends about what you're watching. In their words, "Philo gives you and your friends new ways of exploring television. Earn points and unlock awards for watching buzz-worthy shows." Fun tip: Leave a comment about a show and use the phrase "OMG".




Create powerful voice & sms apps using a web-service API. Bottom line: Twilio lets you use your existing web development skills, code, servers, and databases to quickly and reliably let your web-apps interact with the phone network via voice and SMS.




Texai is a knowledge-based software project to create artificial intelligence. Using Texai technology, WillowGarage is building a fleet of robots that let you go elsewhere. It's like the movie Surrogates, but in real life.



bing maps

Bing is trying to win the search-engine war by providing users with more data. They're putting a lot of effort into creating map applications.

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