Today, I am writing to share the actions we will be taking to fight racism inside and outside of BFM, to create more opportunities for employment, advancement and become more inclusive and diverse . We have a deep and sustained commitment to advancing inclusion in business, in society and within our agency. No one else can initiate change for us: it has to start from within. 

At Blue Fountain Media, building an inclusive culture has never been more relevant or more urgent. We are better as creators, as innovators, and as citizens when we stand together united.

Inclusivity allows us to attract, develop, inspire and reward team members. It allows an environment that unleashes innovation. It allows for an environment that promotes equal opportunity for growth, both personal and professional.

Our commitment starts at the top and is fostered through the Blue Fountain Media and the greater Pactera EDGE community, at all levels of leadership.

To put this commitment into action, we have formed the Inclusion Committee, an internal council built on a foundation of social justice, committed to effecting positive systemic change.

The Inclusion Committee will tackle topics that include gender in the workforce, race in the workforce, sexuality in the workforce, and mental health in the workforce.

Our commitment to inclusion creates an environment that unleashes innovation, allows our people to perform at their best, and underpins a culture in which everyone has an equal opportunity.

An inclusive work environment is the result of dedicated efforts towards becoming better corporate citizens.

Starting this year, we’re making Juneteenth an official holiday at Blue Fountain Media. It’s one step in our ongoing journey toward racial equality at Blue Fountain Media, and in this country. However, we have much more to do—and so today, we are committing to take the following actions:

  • We will operate a more inclusive business in terms of hiring and retention across all levels of the company, within underrepresented ethnicities and communities such as African American/Black and Hispanic American/Latinx. 
  • Ensure we are working with clients who match our values and whose attitudes and behaviors align with ours. 
  • Immediately mandate unconscious bias training for all directors and hiring managers.
  • By September 1, 2020 we will improve our training to further help our team identify, speak up and report racism & discrimination.
  • By September 1, 2020 we will identify a portfolio of specific opportunities to collaborate with our communities and other partners to give back to underserved communities.

Finally, we will continue to educate our teams on social injustice and encourage individuals to continue that work for themselves. As professionals, we are required to have foundational knowledge and do continued research to carry out our job responsibilities. Understanding the diverse experiences of our coworkers, clients, and community is just as important to our performance, and should be an equally high priority.

Not only will these efforts better bring a diversity of experiences and backgrounds to the work we do for our clients, it will better represent the demographics of our clients, their customers, and the make-up of the US population as a whole.

Together we stand against racism.


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