Phloem bundle: How the most random keywords will bring visitors to your website

Regardless of what your website is about, if you have a blog, it is quite easy to bring a great number of visitors to one of your blogs by watching Google’s Hot Trends. This is a list of what keywords are being looked up the most at the current time. Simply watch for non-competitive search terms such as “phloem bundle” to come along and include them in a blog post.  Of course, unless your website is about a related subject, those visitors will most likely not lead to conversions. This practice is only recommended if you are actually providing your visitors with relevant results, not spam.

phloem bundle google search

Currently, at around noon, the keyword phrase “phloem bundle” is “volcanic” according to Google. It is most likely that researchers (that could include grade school students) are looking up information about the Fall season. A vascular bundle is a part of the transport system in vascular plants, according to Wikipedia, and Phloem is one of its two forms of vascular tissue.  Now let’s see how many completely new visitors we get out of this.

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