Pinterest Related Pins Pinterest, the rapidly growing online pin board platform, is taking the next steps to create a more personal experience for their users. Meet the phenomenon of "Related Pins," in which a user will be provided with pins based on their pinning history, thus creating a more tailored feed for their interests. Just weeks after announcing their new promoted pins, the new feature is expected to further engage users, keep them pinning, and ultimately make users active on the site for a longer period of time. The rollout of Related Pins is a great, simple way to refresh your home feed content. For example, say you really love pinning decorative cakes for inspiration for upcoming weddings, baby showers or birthdays. This feature would provide you with related content - so in this case, maybe other types of desserts.
Related Pins closely mirror YouTube's related videos
Or, let's say that you are pinning place setting ideas for your upcoming holiday party - Related Pins would provide you with relevant content such as a perfect holiday drink recipe, or a scrumptious recipe for homemade pumpkin pie. This suggested content closely mirrors the way YouTube suggests similar content that a user might be interested in, as it is relevant to the content they just watched in the previous video.

Using Related Pins

On their blog Pinterest described this update as one that would be "Freshening up your home feed," as the pins are picked for you based on your other pins or likes. To ensure that the updated feature acts as more of an ancillary feature rather than a hindrance, Pinterest is currently rolling out the related pins at a slow pace.
Users are in control of their related pins
Similar to Pandora's like or dislike option to rate suggested picks, Pinterest users are in control of their related pins, with the opportunity to "like" or "dislike" the pin, as well as having the option of deleting any disliked pins from their feed. With over 500,000 business accounts on the platform, related pins should further boost referral traffic from Pinterest for businesses. We're looking forward to this new feature on Pinterest providing users with fresh, relevant content based on their activity. What are your thoughts on Pinterest's related pins? Let us know in the comments section below or by tweeting us @BFMweb.
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