Quality Assurance Steps for a Great Ux Friendly Website


Understanding Quality Assurance

Quality can be a difficult concept to grasp, but nonetheless is an important one for any business to think about. Quality is a determining factor for various things, and is often how we decide what is considered good or bad—whether we are buying food and clothing, or planning a vacation, we want something of the upmost quality. When it comes to website design, the term quality assurance holds a similar significance. Quality assurance describes the process of enforcing quality control standards to improve the process that is used in producing a website and it’s components, infrastructure, and content. To build credibility with your audience, focusing on the quality of what you produce is necessary—and quality assurance will help to ensure that you are creating a user-friendly and trusted site.


To implement an effective project management process from the development phase to the official website launch, quality assurance should be built into each step. During this time period, often referred to as the active development phase, you should be involved with all aspects of the project at hand, and familiarize yourself with project specifications, wire-frames, and mockups.

The Active Development Period

By having a process in place that outlines a cohesive workflow cycle in relation to quality assurance, you can ensure that everything is working properly for the website—the ultimate goal of quality assurance.

First, the member of your team that is the lead on the project should create a “task” or request that includes all the project requirements and implications that have been vocalized. When this project is assigned to a developer, they will go through all of the items on the request, and check back in with whoever was the lead on the project once the tasks are complete. After the project has been briefly examined to check that all the requirements have been met, the quality assurance team should be introduced into the process to perform a thorough assessment of the website. If there are any defects or problems from a button not working or a word misspelled, this will be documented and returned back to the project lead so that it can be remedied.


Building Credibility through Your Website

By repeating this cycle until the website is in perfect operating condition, you’re able to confirm that all angles are covered, and nothing is overlooked. To enhance sales and foster business growth, websites need to instill a certain level of trust in users that are looking to invest time or money in your services or products. Quality assurance controls this aspect, and can truly make or break the success of a website. If you aren't following through with this thorough method, you're likely to have oversights, forget important content, foster a slow page speed, and ultimately have a poor user experience.

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