Read It Later: Take Your Web Reading List With You [App Tuesday]

Read It Later lets you keep track of your "to-read" list. Between Twitter, Facebook, and emails from my mom, I get sent dozens of articles per day. When I don't have time to read an article immediately, I simply click the "Read It Later" button I've added to my web browser and the article is added to my reading list. I can then get back to my work without having to worry about forgetting to read the article. I can call up my reading list at the touch of a button and each saved article is synced for reading offline (on my laptop or iPhone).

While and other social bookmarking sites are great for cataloging, bookmarking and sharing great content on the web, none of them are designed to act as a "to-read" list. With Read It Later, I easily see a list of articles I have saved for later and then check them off as I go through them. Marking an article as read removes it from your reading list.

Read It Later's true power shines with its universal accessibility. Competitors like Instapaper simply can't touch Read It Later when it comes to compatibility. You can save and read articles on just about any device. Through a mix of official and fan-created software, Read It Later runs every web browser, including some you've never heard of. Away from your computer, sleek Read It Later software runs on all modern smart phones and even eBook Readers like the Kindle. It can integrate with Google Reader and even Twitter.

access anywhere

Perhaps the most powerful feature, though, is Read It Later's ability to sync your reading list for offline reading. Before I head home in the evening, I load up Read It Later on my iPhone and it automatically syncs with articles I saved on my desktop during the day. I can even read the articles on the subway, where I don't have any cell phone reception. Unfortunately, the software is not sophisticated enough to recognize multi-page articles. I've managed to work around that issue by bookmarking the "print" page or "single page" view of articles instead of the paginated one. It's a small price to pay for the convenience of syncing my entire reading list across all my devices.

Read It Later's power and universal accessibility are what secure it a spot in Blue Fountain Media's App Tuesday.

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