super bowl commercials

It's not often 111 million people turn their attention to the same thing at once, but come Sunday a good chunk of America will tune in and watch the New York Giants smack down the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl for the second time in four years. Of course, many will be more interested in the commercials than the actual game, and with 30 second slots costing an exorbitant $3.5 million, advertisers will be looking to make the most of their spend. And as any savvy marketing pro on Madison Avenue knows this means spreading the messages socially long after their the TV spot concludes. This year the method will be particularly effective because 60 percent of viewers are expected to be connected to a "second screen," a smartphone or tablet, where they'll text or interact with friends on Twitter or Facebook. More than 70 commercials will air during the Super Bowl making competition fierce, so many have already released their ads on YouTube sparking viral reactions. For the first time ever USA Today's Ad Meter will allow viewers to vote for their favorite commercial via Facebook. As fans anxiously await the rematch between the Giants and Patriots, one thing that is certain - it's expected to be a "second-screen" Super Bowl. Coca-Cola 


This year Coca-Cola plans to introduce the world to their new brand ambassadors, computer animated polar bears. Following their ad, the bears will come to life on Twitter, Facebook and Coke's own dedicated bear site They'll watch the game in real-time, comment on the half time show and even respond to fans via their Twitter hashtag #GameDayPolarBears. They're also expected to remark on other advertisements it'll be interesting to hear their responses to competitor's commercials. Pepsi


Not to be outdone by their polar bear counterparts, Pepsi has plans to prompt viewers to interact with their advertisements. The company's commercials will feature a performance by "X Factor USA" winner Melanie Amaro. During it, viewers will be prompted to "Shazam" (capture audio from the commercial) her song for an opportunity to download the video for free. Audi 

Perhaps feeling the pressure to answer Volkswagen's celebrated Darth Vader themed spot from last year, Audi's commercial for Super Bowl XLVI is Twilight inspired. The company will highlight the force of Audi's LED headlight technology which has dire consequences on a pack of young partying vampires. The company hopes to keep the buzz alive through the unveiling of its Twitter hashtag #SoLongVampires.


The release of Chevy's smartphone Game Time app is already causing a social stir. Individuals can play on their phones, tablets or even through their site for a chance to win prizes courtesy of Chevy, Bridgestone and Motorola. Those who download and register before February 6 will receive a code; if it matches one of the license plates in Chevy's ads during the game, they'll win one of 20 vehicles being given away.