7 Awesome SEO & Social Media Songs

There are seemingly limitless opportunities to create the type of content for a website that others will want to link to. However, when putting that theory into practice the numbers don't always add up.  It's not only about finding the right opportunity and promoting it, it's also about execution.

Over the past few years a trend has emerged in the form of the music video as an opportunity to grab people's attention as well as attract  high quality links. A steady stream of SEO and Social Media songs have hit the Internet with varying degrees of success. And while the genre may be technically dodgy in spots (think MTV in the early 1980's), done properly it can be an incredibly effective way to gather links by the URL load.

Of course, not everyone can be a star but the following seven performances have a quality that stands above the fray. These efforts have been reward with both links and viewers. Let us know if you have some favorites we might have missed.

Google Rap

Word to your mother! Chad D. holds it down with the story of a young man and his desire reach the top spot on Google. "I started out on page number seven, but thanks to SEO I'm on the top.  Heaven."  So true, Chad D. And 18,000 + YouTube views later he's just about there.


The pinnacle of serious (not designed to be funny) SEO rap songs, "PageRank" lands on Google's first page despite the fact the search giant continually tells us that PageRank isn't very important in the SEO mix (only one of 200 factors!). The online marketing specialist that created this video got a lot of play out of this song and its YouTube numbers are still climbing at 63,000+.

Sit on my Facebook (aka Internet Love Song)

Social media is ripe for song parody and  "Sit on my Facebook"  by The Scribes is just plain ripe. This video has just about every social networking reference known to man. If you just happen to Stumble Up On this  song, you'll be laughing the remainder of the day.  YouTube count: 239,000+.

MSN vs. Google Man Search engine Rap Battle

Talk about old school! This rap battle predates the launch of Microsoft’s Bing. Still MSN vs. Google Man is funny and well done. 800,000+ on YouTube.

SEO Song

It wouldn't be a music video countdown without a British entrant. The SEO Song by Creare is probably the most musically proficient hit out there. And it must be working. Type in SEO on Google UK and the agency behind it comes up on the first page (# 2 behind Wikipedia). Warning: While the song doesn't really say much about SEO, its hook is extremely catchy. After watching this performance you might find yourself  singing its chrous:

"If you want to be liked and you want to be free, then turn to the first page and follow me. SEO-OOO will take you higher." YouTube count: 24,000+.

Facebook Song

It’s hard to figure how this song has 9.8 million views on YouTube, but Rhett and Link's Facebook song is hugely popular. We couldn't ignore it.

SEO for Love (AKA SEO Song)

The Japanese like their anime and will express almost any thought or idea through these cartoons. While I could only understand the SEO chorus in the song, I ran a few of the comments through Google Translate and this is what I got::

Interesting! Good for this! !
It was powered up!
Interesting characters and best song!
Songs can either, good idea also!
Lying as interesting!

Maybe someone needs to produce a Google Translate song.

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  1. Complete awesomeness. I love that you translated the Japanese SEO song. Hontōni omoshiroi

  2. Amazing. I believe that you have worked hardly for this post. Everything is interesting. Good work!

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