The Social Super Bowl

This year's Super Bowl didn't quite have viewers on the edge of their seats, but as a result many viewers took to social media instead. Even though there wasn't one stand out winner on social media like Oreo's Super Bowl XLVII black out tweet, brands and viewers alike still took to social media platforms to post their thoughts and share a few really great one-liners. This year, Facebook closed the gap of social media use during the Super Bowl with Twitter. 24% of users on social media were only using Facebook, while 36% only used Twitter. Meanwhile, hashtags were used in an astonishing 57% of Super Bowl ads, from the patriotic #Americaisbeautiful to the adorable #bestbuds by Budweiser. Last year's momentum on social media during the big game continued into this year, with brands who experienced success on social last year repeating their entertaining yet simple approach. Buffalo Wild Wings was at it again with this particularly witty tweet in reference to their television commercial campaign and the blowout scoreline:

Hillary Clinton (possibly inspired by the late "Texts from Hillary" phenomenon), took a playful jab at Fox. Hillary managed to come off as humorous and bold while squashing the issue of the past, in less than 140 characters, of course.

Wireless communications provider T-Mobile advertised during the Super Bowl, but may have ended up on the back-burner of many viewers' minds, as they ended up with free Wi-Fi access anyways thanks to CBS. Free data for all, major oops! Broadway Joe Namath should consider a career as a meteorologist, as he came prepared for the latest storm in the Northeast a day early, all bundled up in an unforgettable fur coat. Cue the "Who wore it better" posts across the social stratosphere comparing him, Macklemore and the IKEA monkey. From Kia offering a designated driver, Snickers suggesting they have a snack, and Coors Light entertaining the idea that they may have had a few too many beers, brands really seemed to want to lend JCPenney a helping hand. It turned out that JC Penney was really tweeting out typos as part of their #TweetingWithMittens campaign to drum up awareness for their team USA mittens ahead of the Sochi Olympics. We'll certainly be heading out of the office early to hit up the nearest JCP store for some cold-weather wear.

Overall, the action on social media was a great distraction from the quiet game between the Seahawks and Broncos. The Seahawks massacredDenver in a swift fall from grace, but hey, at least this guy didn't show up:Who do you think had the best Super Bowl Sunday on social media? Let us know in the comments sections below or by tweeting us at @BFMweb.