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If you're looking for an area that is filled with talent and regularly produces the best design, advertising, marketing, and web development work for businesses, New York is undoubtedly one of the best places to look. Many of the strongest agencies worldwide can be found in the "Big Apple", and it should come as no surprise that many of the largest and most well-known brands in the world come to New York when looking to choose a digital agency partner as a result.

With such a vast pool of talent at their disposal and by consistently combining the efforts of graphic design with strategy, digital marketing, and website development to great effect, digital agencies in New York regularly exceed client expectations and attract new business with their impressive portfolios of work. If your business doesn't already have the resources of a digital agency partner at your disposal, there are few areas in the world that are more worth exploring.

Even when looking at a specific area like New York that is filled with so many talented agencies, picking the perfect one can be a tricky process - between culture fit, cost, and the goals of your business, there are a lot of different elements to think about before you make a decision. Here are five things you need to consider before you select your digital agency:

1) Is a Digital Agency Necessary?

Hiring a digital agency that is based in New York City can be an exciting and intimidating proposition, particularly if your business is still relatively new. Fear not - there is a digital agency solution for anyone - as long as it is what your business actually needs. Making a decision on whether or not your company requires the services of a digital agency requires self-evaluation. This means confidently understanding your business’ internal strengths, weaknesses, and challenges.

Taking the time to do this correctly should help your business map out a clear objective for the role your digital agency will play in growing your online business. Do you need to increase ROI from your digital marketing efforts? Do you have trouble converting traffic from your current website? Do you need something built from scratch? These are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself before you decide to hire a digital agency. A few other questions that need to be considered before hiring a specific digital agency are:

  • How do they measure their results?
  • What are their core services?
  • What are their credentials or qualifications to do the work you need?
  • What do their actual offices look like?
  • How big is the agency and how are their teams structured?
  • Will they provide all the staff your project needs to succeed?
  • Is the company financially stable enough to remain a long-term partner for your business?

While it can be tempting to go to a digital agency and ask them to simply do everything they can for your online presence, you are more likely to get the results you’re looking for if you can have them address a specific problem area. Furthermore, you can pick an agency that is more tailored to your self-identified needs as a result. For example, if you identify that you need a data-driven agency that will work to lower your website's bounce rate and increase user time on site, you can look for one that is particularly strong in those areas instead of hiring an agency that specializes in stunning design or creative concepts.

2) Will the Digital Agency I Choose Address My Specific Needs?

When you decide to hire a digital agency, it is sensible to develop a list of potential agency partners to contact - either to get more information about their services or to offer them a request for proposal (RFP). The vast majority of digital agencies get most of their new business via referrals rather than RFPs. Even though most digital agency professionals agree that client attraction is one of the biggest challenges an agency faces, digital agencies, particularly in New York City, are still very selective about the percentage of resources they want to allocate towards pursuing new potential clients. As a result, depending on your business size, you might want to begin your selection process by asking your marketing peers who they work with or by doing a simple Google search to find top quality agencies - then directly call agencies that seem like they could be a good fit and discuss your business needs.

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This process allows you to understand which agencies will want to work with your business, while giving you an opportunity to speak directly with an appropriate individual at an agency to establish a relationship. Particularly in New York, most digital agencies don’t readily provide pricing because each project has unique needs, so this is also the best way to inform your selection process based on your budget size.


3) How Comfortable Am I Working with this Agency?

Once you have completed your due diligence in the selection process, it is time to make an informed decision. You should feel comfortable entrusting your business' digital success to your new digital agency partner. If you feel a specific agency is the right fit for your business and they are interested in taking you on, they should provide a face-to-face meeting to address any concerns you might have and show their ability to provide you with the resources and solutions your business needs.

When it comes to digital agencies in New York City, you should expect the very best in terms of channel expertise, analytics capabilities, existing experience in your business' specific vertical, and the capability to build your business an online brand presence from scratch if need be. Furthermore, client references and case studies should be readily available, and the agency’s company culture should demonstrate that they will be a trustworthy partner that will invest themselves in what you do to help your business grow.

4) Is Their Pricing Right for My Business?

Obviously the downside to New York digital agencies consistently producing impressive results and meeting the high expectations of their clients often comes with pricing. It can be difficult to try and get the best agency at a price that isn’t going to significantly cut into your budget and negatively affect your potential return-on-investment (ROI). In particular, this means that you should be comfortable and clear with an agency’s pricing model before you begin to work with them, whether it's a project priced, billable hour, retainer, or performance-based pricing model.

US Agency Pricing Model
While cost is certainly important, it shouldn’t necessarily be the most important part of your decision process. Particularly in New York, agency pricing can exceed regular industry averages, but remember that New York digital agencies employ some of the most impressive talent in the world and that you will get what you pay for.

5) Does This Agency Have A History of Success?

While a history of success doesn't always mean that a specific digital agency will be the right fit for your business, it is certainly a good sign. When picking your digital agency, look for case studies that discuss specific metrics and strategies. With more than 62% of agency executives acknowledging the fact that case studies are the best self-promotional tactic, any agency you are working with should have these readily available. However, take care as your read each case study - you want to know not only that a digital agency has gotten clients results, but how they went about doing it. Look for existing case studies from the agency that apply to your business, whether it is the type of company the agency was working with, what kind of marketing channels were being put to work, or the amount of resources that were made available to the agency by the client.

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Case studies also provide a great opportunity for you to get a sense of how well the agency in question understands their client's vertical and internal culture. Throughout the case study, an ideal agency should show that they can not only get a client results, but that they really take the time to understand every facet of a business and work to build an online presence that reflects a company's identity.

A New York Digital Agency Can Take Your Business to The Next Level

New York digital agencies are unique from their peers around the world in a lot of ways. Not only are they expected to consistently provide their clients with a higher quality of work than a regular agency, they need to give them measurable results too - all at a price that makes failure extremely costly for client and agency alike. For most businesses, the best digital agencies don’t break the bank but provide the same level of talent that helps create a better online brand. Agencies that ride the fine line between reasonable pricing and high quality of work are available in New York City, and can provide your business with great digital work for a comparatively low cost.

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