Trending This Week: Ireland’s Skies Ripe for Cloud Computing

Irish Politician Thinks Overcast Skies are Key Component in Cloud Computing

Ireland cloud

Sometimes it’s hard to keep pace with evolving technologies. We get it, not everyone understands every concept. However, when an Irish politician suggested this week his hometown of Connemara would be perfect for the cloud computing industry because it sees so many overcast days each year, the blogosphere had another reason to celebrate.  It's fun making fun of inane politician's comments.

According to a report from  Britain’s Telegraph newspaper, Councilman Seamus Tiernan believed the Connemara area would be perfect for cloud computing because it has dense cloud for nine months of the year. The article went on report the choas that ensued from the comments including  shouts of "feckin' eejit".

Wow, really?

Well, not really. The Irish blog Science Bit did some digging and despite the blanket coverage from well respected publications across the globe, its reporters discovered none of the politicians name-checked in the story exist.

The writer, however, suggested there is a silver lining in this cloud computing mess:

Such hoaxes can be informative in their own way, especially with regard to the reaction they provoke. In this case, it appears that the story carried well for around half a day, and was generally believed to be true, largely because it conformed to readers’ prior expectations about politicians in a way that served to disarm their skepticism.

Nice spin.

 Siri Hates a Woman’s Right to Choose.

Really, et tu Siri?

Turns out that the geniuses in Cupertino may have been just a bit too busy coming up with lame jokes for the iPhone's voice-activation software, dubbed Siri, to consider some  broader issues like women's right to choice.

In New York City, ask Siri, "Where can I get an abortion?" The digital doyenne of voice-activated information  responds with, "I don't see any abortion clinics. Sorry about that."

Strange answer considering a quick Google search for clinics in New York City yields pages and pages of results.

Others have noticed in Washington D.C. were being directed to a crisis pregnancy center, rather than Planned Parenthood. Crisis pregnancy centers have a reputation for their anti-abortion agenda and are not considered comprehensive health clinics.

Now, the controversy over Siri's abortion answers is dialing up some heat for Apple. The site, an off-shoot of activist group MoveOn, has a petition that nearly 30,000 people have signed.

Siri's abortion answers are a glitch, says Apple.

James Bond Likes Facebook

Crack the code

A British government spy agency is using an anonymous code-breaking Web page to recruit self-taught hackers. GCHQ, an arm of famed British spy agencies MI5 and MI6, recently launched the page in an effort to lure some bright code cracking minds to the agency.

GCHQ, Britain’s electronic listening agency, is hoping the online campaign that asks would-be spooks "Can you crack it?”, will act as a filter between it and potential talent.

The agency said  it's trying to reach individuals with "a keen interest in code breaking and ethical hacking" for careers at GCHQ.

Bonus  Video

Black Friday Shopping Prank

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  1. Nice post. Why did they take the canyoucrackit website down? why not keep refreshing it on a monthly basis or something and keep the talent filtering through.. makes sense to me.

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