Ultra Light Startups Entrepreneur Forum – Event Recap

I headed over to the Sun Microsystems office at 101 Park Ave last night to take part in an exciting event for entrepreneurs, the Ultra Light Startups Entrepreneurs Forum, where startups come to pitch their innovative ideas and have a chance to network and find service providers.

What I found really invigorating about the event was the format:

Each entrepreneur has 1 minute to pitch their startup in front of the room of 100+ entrepreneurs, with their website projected on the wall behind them. They say what their startup is all about, what their business model is, and take 2-3 questions from the audience. Service providers (such as myself) were present to give suggestions and offer help.

Here are the startups who presented last night. If any entrepreneur who is listed here would like to add something, please feel free to comment on this post - and feel free to link here as well 😉

Yipit | @yipit

(founder: Vinicius Vacanti - twitter: @vacantif |

An aggregate of all online deals – like Kayak in way – including Groupons.

(founded by Joe Chin – LinkedIn )
Need to outsource design or development work? SourcePad makes that easy by providing you with top-notch talent and the ability to communicate with those you hire overseas via video.

Cityryde | @cityryde

(founded by Timothy Ericson - twitter: @tjericson |

You may know about bike-sharing in Paris (Velib’) and other European cities. Well here it come to U.S. shores. Cityride, out of Phili, are hoping to take the concept and make it happen right here. You can even earn karma credit for riding your bike around town. According to CEO, Timothy J. Ericson, there is a multi-billion karma market out there.

Girls Rock

(founded by Brett Hine)

Targeted at tweens – with plans to expand into the lucrative stay-at-home mom market - Girls Rock features “cool games for cool girls”.

Twigmore | @twigmore

(founded by Stephen Smyth - twitter: @stephen_smyth | LinkedIn )

“To twig” is to learn. The purpose of the website is a self-improvement tool for thought-leaders (anyone with insights). Others can benefit from the open platform for use on niche websites.

PEO Spectrum | @PEOSpectrum

(founded by Thomas Farrell - LinkedIn )

Looking for a way to reduce the cost of your employees’ health insurance plans, but don’t want to deal with sales people or put in the time? Outsource your HR to a company like PEO (Professional Employment Organization). This is an ideal service for companies of 5-200 employees.

(founded by Darren Peck - | LinkedIn)

Want to give your clients pens, t-shirts, usb keys, or other products with your logo on them? Accolades can take care of any size order.


(founded by Ray Bernaz - twitter: @rayber | LinkedIn)

Having trouble keeping track of the various channels, which you use to communicate to your various relationships?  Let Socialibrium consolidate those into a dashboard to help you manage it all. Available on Blackberry and iPhone.

Urban Girl Squad | @urbangirlsquad

(founded by Amanda Hofman -

Ladies seeking events in NYC do not need to look any further. Urban Girl Squad is a social group for women in their 20s and 30s who love to try new things, spend time with friends, and meet new people in New York City.

Freshmalt | @FreshMalt

(founded by Marc Alter - LinkedIn)

It’s happened to everyone at least once. You are on a date, you go to dinner somewhere, but then are a bit clueless as to where to go to next. Freshmalt eliminates this stress by providing a play-by-play plan for a good night out. To come up with suggestions, the site pulls reviews from various sites, including CitySearch and UrbanDaddy, but all that appears on the website is hand-edited by a real person.

Pear's Crackpot

(founded by Pear Benjasirichai - twitter: @pearb09)

Hey foodies, this website creates the link between Thai recipes with their respective ingredients. Finally, you can not only learn the how, but also the what that goes into delicious Thai dishes.

Boch Consulting

(founded by Zdzislaw Bochynski - LinkedIn )

Looking to redo the way your building deals with energy? Or is your startup experiencing data center over heating? Talk to Boch Consulting. They will find a solution to your energy issues.

Hoot Ratings | @hootratings

(founded by Mike Brady - twitter: @themikebrady | )

Think Yelp, but confidential. All business need feedback, but sometimes they would prefer it not all be publicly visible.


(founded by Sergey Chernyshev)

Need to create quick and easy how-to’s? Howdoable will give you the power to not only create how-to’s but to use them to track your progress on where you are. Then you can re-activate a how-to and repeat it.


(VP of Sales & Marketing: Michael Dietze - LinkedIn)

When you need powerful hosting along with extremely personalized customer service, Datagram can help. With a clients like Gawker and the Huffington Post, they are used to handling some big loads, to put it lightly.

Green Media Ventures

(founded by Jonathan Gorham)

Jonathan Gorham wants to prove that home energy efficiency is sexy (as President Obama put it in December). He presented his patented interior storm window as one of many products with potential to make a huge impact on the green energy market.

Letmecheckthat | @letmecheckthat

(founded by Aaron Knight - twitter: @phrasemix )

Not sure if the email you are about to send is grammatically correct? Babel Fish will not be of much help. Instead send it over to LetMeCheckThat. A few minutes later, after your article has been proof-read by a real human, you will receive a corrected version. BAM!


(founded by Richard Lee - twitter: @chiefatlarge | LinkedIn )

Like Blue Fountain Media, this small agency focuses on SEO right from the get-go. It should never be an after-thought.


(founded by Corey H Maass - LinkedIn)

Trying to manage many projects at once, while keeping up with client relationships? Let FriendlyNote give you a hand with that. I really hope that creator Corey H Maass can somehow combine the power of HighRise and BaseCamp into one 🙂

Prebilt Hosting

(founded by Scott Wolpow - LinkedIn)

Need a hosting provider that is dedicated to solving problems before you even know of them? Look no further. Scott Wolpow is dedicated to giving you all the attention you need.

BrightMap | @brightmap

(founded by Graham Lawlor - twitter: @generationg | LinkedIn)

Think of BrightMap as a social directory of companies. It gives you the ability to see various connections between companies and their clients so that recommendations can occur in a new way. It is founded on the belief in transparency among companies, which may be a new idea for some. As creator, Graham Lawlor, puts it: “Wasn’t the idea of making your resume publicly visible online a weird idea a few years ago? Then came LinkedIn.”

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