Brands Testing New Advertising Formats This Holiday Season

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A new report published by ClickZ and Kenshoo suggests that U.S. brands are planning to expand their advertising spends and reach for the 2018 holiday season into new areas like social media Stories, mobile, and Amazon ads, all while maintaining (or increasing) the budgets they’ve already allocated toward holiday-themed ads on Google Search and Facebook.

In their “Digital Advertising Trends for the 2018 Holiday Season” study, they also reveal that73% of brands believe mobile will be "more important" or "much more important" than desktop for sales this year, while just 10% believe desktop will be the primary device for sales.

As one would expect, advertisers are gravitating toward Facebook and Instagram, and especially “Stories,” a format where 38% plan to invest. Amazon ads are expected to claim 21% of their overall budgets (second only to Google Search at 33%), with 82% of creating Christmas-specific campaigns and 67% running dedicated campaigns for Black Friday.

Consumers Willing to Part with Data in Exchange for Personalization


When it comes to receiving personalized advertising, a growing number of consumers are willing to surrender “some information” about themselves in return.

According to a recent survey conducted by video advertising firm Clinch, 64% were found to be “comfortable with brands collecting demographic, social media profiles and other data” in exchange for a more relevant experience.

“Not recognizing the power of personalization,” said Clinch CEO Oz Etzioni, “is a big misstep among marketers” who now have access to all the data, creative tools and technologies they could ever want. “Personalization needs to be pervasive across platforms and ad units,” he added. “Unifying data and creative to create holistic campaigns is critical as consumers move through their digital lives consuming all different types of content throughout their day.”

Among the consumers polled, 79% deemed Facebook “most effective,” followed by Instagram (56%) and YouTube (47%).

The study also found that 70% have purchased a product or service after seeing an ad on social media, and 57% within the last 12 months. Of those, 60% bought between two and five products.

Email Marketing Expected to Gain Traction This Black Friday

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  Email marketers will be excited to learn that 38% of consumers worldwide plan to make purchases online this holiday season. That’s up from 32% last year, according to a study conducted by One Hour Translation, a web-based human translation platform.
The growth rate is slightly less in the U.S., with 39% of shoppers expecting to buy online, versus 35% in 2017. In the U.K,, 33% foresee buying online, up from 28%. Globally, 61% have “no plans for online purchases,” versus 65%.
While Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping in the U.S. will grow to 18% (up from 15% and 16% respectively), declines are anticipated globally: in Canada, that rate is expected to drop from 26% to 21%; in France, from 21% to 16%, in Germany from 19% to 13%, and in Japan from 10% to 4%.

Facebook’s Ad Network Crashes Leaving Advertisers in a Day-Long Lurch 


Adding to an already challenging week for Facebook (and it’s only Wednesday!), the Network’s ad manager platform suffered a major outage on Tuesday, leaving brands unable to place, track or modify their Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns.

Impacting Instagram and Messenger as well, the hiccup (which lasted for more than eight hours for some) also left buyers unable to access performance data, edit live campaigns, or start new ones.

Reached for comment, a Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider that the company was “aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing Ads Manager,” adding that engineers were working tirelessly on a fix.

The issues have since been resolved.

Consumers Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Black Friday, Will Shop Nonetheless

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A recent survey of U.S. consumers found that over 28% “love Black Friday,” while nearly 22% “hate it.”
Compared to last year, more seem to be onboard, perhaps due to the fact that online deals are expanding (not to mention the convenience factor of not having to camp out in the early morning hours or deal with rabid crowds).
More than 76% of Americans say they will make at least one purchase on Black Friday this year. Nearly 9% will do so in-store, and 67% with a combination of online and brick-and-mortar.
Experts are predicting a slight in edge in the number of male shoppersmen (77%) over women (75%), as well as a spike in activity (nearly 90%) among the 18-to-29 year-old set.Of those 60+, 51% said they would make “at least one purchase.”

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