LinkedIn Announces “Major Integration” with Google Marketing Platform


Aimed at marketers seeking to give proper credit to every interaction a buyer has had with a brand across multiple platforms and channels,” LinkedIn has announced a major integration with Google Marketing Platform.

Formerly known as DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Measurement with Google Campaign Manager helps solve a long-standing challenge B2B marketers have had with advertising on LinkedIn and, according to product manager Taylor Greason, will be valuable tool for those who contend with complex measurement journeys.

With Measurement with Google Campaign Manager, users will be able to see LinkedIn ad performance alongside the rest of their paid media spend and get attribution for LinkedIn ads (including Sponsored Content) across all impressions and interactions, measured in a cross-device and cross-platform manner.

The integration puts reporting all in one place, and gives marketers the ability to measure the path that potential customers take across different ads and websites, allowing them to understand the impact of all the interactions someone has with their business on LinkedIn before they make a purchase.

Shoppers Expect Businesses to Respond to Ratings and Reviews

rate your experience

Having surveyed more than 1,000 consumers in the U.S., retail marketing firm Uberall, Inc. has found that 65% believe stores should respond to reviews posted online every time, be they positive or negative.

For their Customer Review Report, Uberall analyzed the impact customer feedback has on shoppers who are evaluating brick-and-mortar businesses.

With reviews peppered across platforms like Yelp, YouTube and merchants’ websites playing a major role in where and why they buy, expectations run high, and for a majority (78%), even a simple response isn’t enough: it has to be personalized.

Mobile Video Shoppable Ads Work, Says IAB


Commissioned by MediaScience, a new Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) study has found that shoppable mobile video ads are more effective at capturing user attention and generating brand lift.

In prepping for “The Interactive Ad Effect: CTAs in Mobile Video Shoppable Ads,” the IAB looked at three different calls-to-action (CTAs) across four different verticals. While all were deemed successful at increasing consumer engagement and laying “the groundwork for a direct relationship between the consumer and the advertiser,” one – “Learn More” – was shown to yield higher levels of engagement and brand recall.

“These findings,” said IAB SVP Sue Hogan, “indicate that customers note the ability to shop or learn more right from the onset. The great promise for shoppable ads is not only the immediate ability to capture sales, but also in smart retargeting.

Vimeo Partners with LinkedIn to Extend Reach of Video Content


Video platform Vimeo has partnered with LinkedIn on a product integration that promises to boost video capabilities on the latter, while giving former’s users broader distribution of their content.

Designed for companies and individuals who maintain LinkedIn pages and profiles, the partnership adds LinkedIn to Vimeo’s Push to Social feature, placing the professional network alongside Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Vimeo videos can be published to LinkedIn with a single click, and will be treated as a native uploads, allowing for better reach and engagement. The integration will also allow for aggregated video analytics to track the performance of content across LinkedIn and other social platforms.

Demand Expected to Outpace Available Ad Inventory in Q4 Says Spotify CEO


Spotify now has 191 million total users, 87 million of which are paid subscribers.

The company revealed these numbers during its third-quarter earnings report, adding that ad-supported revenue was up 30% year over year.

Emphasizing advertising as a key source for revenue, CEO Daniel Ek pointed to demand so strong in the U.S., that it’s “expected to outstrip available inventory in Q4.”

As the company shifts from direct to self-serve and programmatic offerings, he expects to see increases in the number of users (to as much as 206 million total) and subscribers (between 93-96 million) by year’s end.

Driven by an uptick in the popularity of podcasts on the platform, that’s a massive captive audience for brands to consider as they finalize their holiday media plans