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When it comes to some of the coolest, most aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendliest, and trendiest items to own, SIGG is at the top of my list.

SIGG, “The Original Swiss Bottle” is an urban hipster necessity. The bottles themselves are made from reusable aluminum, and can be seen in the hands of the world's trendsetters, from Sunset Boulevard to Park Avenue. SIGG can boast of over three thousand custom designs, and they win plaudits for their environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Recently I stumbled onto SIGG's ecommerce arm (, wanting to buy another water bottle for a friend after receiving a SIGG over the Christmas holidays.

Let’s just say that my first impressions were a bit disappointing.

Having worked with successful ecommerce clients before, I could see lots of room for improvement. I asked my colleagues here at Blue Fountain Media a few questions about the site:

  • “What do you like about”
  • “What are some of the things you dislike?
  • “What are some suggestions?”


What do you like about

This is a great example of how a great brand name and value proposition can really bring you great SEO results. The website ranks really well for relevant keywords such as "water bottles" and the variety of ways to qualify these water bottles: aluminum, stylish, eco-friendly, reusable. They have fantastic rankings within Google thanks to good quality links they have pointing to them, from sites like Backpacker , Wired Blog, and Worst Witch. — Alhan Keser, Director of Search Engine Marketing

I like the logo, the central area featuring various products, and the linking of smaller boxes in the lower part of the page. The photography is nice, the pictures in the shopping sections are very clean. They have a very nice use of Ajax collapsing and expanding on the FAQ page. — Lonnie Mann, Designer

Their “questions” page uses Ajax very well and is very thorough with some of the FAQ. I like the live chat feature, great customer service when you need it – very well executed! —Ishmael Vasquez, Social Media Associate

What are some of the things you dislike?

For bottles with great design that provide the consumer a sense of individuality, the site does not reflect this aesthetic design. The heads on the "About Us" page are a bit odd and the overall organization looks like a website template. —Megan Hilts, Account Manager

The plain text JavaScript popup upon the initial loading of the site in all-caps is a bit obtrusive. There is no padding on the left side of the left navigation, and the text is pushed right up against the edge of the browser window, which makes it hard to read. The lines (item name, price, quantity box, buy button) below the pictures and titles in the shopping sections are touching and need some space. The “Your Cart” button (and the rest of the column) sticks against the right side of the browser window, which on my screen, places it very far away from the rest of the content. — Lonnie Mann, Designer

The title tags could definitely benefit from some improvement, both for search engines and for users. They are not always helpful, as words are repeated and the more important keywords are not placed first. They are also too long. It's great that they have such outstanding rankings for relevant keywords, but I really wonder about the conversion rate. Sending customer to a landing page that prompts users to click on an "OK" button before showing the products is not the best strategy for maximizing online sales. — Alhan Keser, Director of Search Engine Marketing

What are some suggestions?

Try to do more with less. Get rid of all the useless clutter and pop-ups, and focus on what the users want out of a website – easy access to the information they need. SIGG has a great brand name and a quality product, so with a cluttered website, the hard-to-navigate appearance may be the only factor between extra sales and better conversion rates. —Byrne Hobart, Social Media Marketer

I would suggest a redesign with a look and feel that reflects the design of the bottles that adds interactive features such as "inquire about the product", "rate the product", "add to wish list", "recommend a product to a friend", "design your own bottle." SIGG is a significant product in the environmental and eco-friendly movement, and their website should reflect that. —Megan Hilts, Account Manager

“I highly suggest a custom website redesign to improve the conversion rate, build a community of loyal followers, and use their brand to increase awareness. Such a well-known website should start running pay-per-click at least on their brand name. However, I would not advise doing any type of paid search advertising until their website is improved. — Alhan Keser, Director of Search Engine Marketing

By implementing some simple changes like a website re-design,'s image as an eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, cutting-edge urban necessity will result in more sales and a better experience for the consumer.


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  1. Looks like they already got rid of the Javascript popup! Nice going,!

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