Where Does Your Content Lead?

These past couple weeks were some of the busier ones in the digital space. A new slew of link networks got zapped. Google I/O introduced a couple of new products and services. A restaurant had all of their social media accounts simultaneously hacked... or so they say. Do you know what came out of these happenings? Content, content and more content.

Whether you're advocating for an idea, a product or service, or any type of brand message, the content that you create, coupled with the context in which is put, leads all of the conversations you're trying to create. Digitally speaking, content and context are important to your SEO efforts. In regards to the digital arena, content and context are vital to how you communicate on social media. When in a space where streams of binary code materialize into internetted channels... well you get the idea: content and context are essential. However, does that mean one or both are king?

Where do we begin?

Let us begin with content. It is the foundation of our communication when we are positioning ourselves as a resource – something that, in one way or another, we all should be.

1. First and foremost: make sure that the content created aligns with your strategy. Too many people miss this fact. The strategy leads all that you do and that includes content. Additionally, context is introduced in this part of the process.

2. Content marketing is a real thing, the concept of which is straightforward: content marketing is shaped by the content surrounding your objectives.

3. In the world of today, content is no longer campaign based. Content is continuous.

4. If you want to enter the realm of real-time, you need to have a fully present and empowered team of content creators, decision makers (including legal) at your disposal. Imagine if the Super Bowl blackout was caused by some real disaster. People would be talking about that Oreo tweet in a totally different light.

No pun intended.
you dont say

We've reached another level now. Since context is ensconced in the strategy, its strong status has been established. The consistent need for content is referred to and likely the genesis of the concept of its formerly perceived position of sovereignty. Looking at this mathematically we can postulate the following:

nx2 = ?
where n=content and x=context

If you look at the progression of points above, our answer to our question has not been brought up yet. However, a bit more thought will lead us to the oft overlooked, but absolutely obvious.

nx2 = TRUST

The quality of your content multiplied by weighted context, because great content in the wrong context is ineffective, determines the level of trust.

Easy lies the head that wears the crown... in this case

I was enlightened to the final answer to the formula and motivated to write this post after reading the title of a post from SEOmoz.

Trust is what we're after. Part of how search engines base their rankings on how the bots determine trust. Search engines then measure human interaction with the results and further determine trust. Your actions on social channels are (or should be) partially designed to instill consumer trust in your brand and its actions. Everything that a business does has a layer of trying to infuse a trust that will drive a consumer to pick their brand and, at some point, make a purchase. Trust.

Long live the new king.

Has this post convinced you that trust is the new king? Let us know in the comments below or tweet @Mr_McFly and @BFMweb.

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  1. I had a great discussion with a fellow SEO expert last summer about this very topic. Trust is indeed the new King. However, trust in its highest form is usually attached to individuals in the form of klout. Pick a niche topic and you will find an ‘individual’ not a corporation who is a recognized leader and who’s content will convert to sales much faster than anyone else’s. This isn’t new either. Offline, you can see this in the form of million dollar endorsement contracts between a famous sports star and a specific product for example. It’s the same reason my coin mining rigs site converts at a high rate (because of my experience and pre-existing ‘klout’ as an IT consultant). Great article Gary! I can count on one hand the sources of SEO articles for which I read every article published, and Blue Fountain media is one of them. Cheers! -Josh

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