Wholesome Sweeteners, the nation's leader in fair trade, organic, and non-GMO sweeteners recently teamed up with our team here at Blue Fountain Media to redesign and relaunch their website. The website offers an innovative ecommerce experience, and a user-friendly interface, making it simple for customers to browse content and navigate the site across all platforms, including mobile, tablet, and desktop. The goal of the new website was to launch an ecommerce website and convey the 'better for you' product offerings to the correct audiences, including key value propositions and ultimately driving conversions at various touch points throughout the user journeys. "Wholesome Sweeteners needed a new look and feel for their ecommerce website that would offer a sense of credibility, market validation for new prospects, and ultimately build confidence in the minds of consumers and customers alike," said Yury Rush, Account Director at Blue Fountain Media. "Our team focused on highlighting more advanced and diversified product offerings through an incredibly user-friendly design, while creating a platform that effectively conveys the brand's core messaging to the right audience and allowing users to purchase at different touch points." With the rebuild of Wholesome Sweeteners product catalog and website, we've made the shopping experience a lot easier. Plus, by integrating with high tech partners, the users are now able to experience the entire process of locating, buying and using Wholesome products a lot easier. By utilizing a highly scalable content management system, and incorporating a variety of searchable recipe indexes, we were able to show the high quality premium brand off in a new light while allowing users to easily find and buy the products they love The relaunch of this website is a key component of the company's broader digital strategy, and will help Wholesome Sweeteners to improve brand growth, awareness, conversions, and ultimately revenue.