Starting a business is difficult enough, but many entrepreneurs find that once their business finally begins to support itself, profit plateaus. If your company has flat lined, or you're just looking to promote additional growth, you should consider adding a content marketing team to your digital effort. Creating consistent, great content has a three-fold benefit. In addition to improving your search rankings, content will help you attract customers, ultimately increasing your leads and improving sales.

Content Adds SEO Value

Creating content to simply create content isn't going to do anything for your business. Consider what type of content will appeal to customers in your vertical. Let's use the example Cantor Commercial Real Estate, Crain's pick for the fastest growing company in New York, and a company that hasn't yet capitalized on content marketing.

CCRE Cantor Commercial-Real-Estate---CMBS Fixed - Floating Rate Loans

Utilizing content marketing, Cantor can improve its search rankings by writing on topics relevant to their business and industry. Rich content, like infographics, slideshares, and video, will increase the number of inbound links to their website by creating pages that other people want to reference on their own websites. This will help improve their domain authority, their online brand awareness, and ultimately the amount of organic search traffic that they receive on a daily basis. Some content topics that might work for Cantor could include:

  • Top Ten Most Expensive Apartments in New York
  • An infographic map of neighborhood pricing
  • A slideshare of the most expensive apartments' blueprints
  • Video tours of expensive apartments

The addition of a blog could also work for Cantor, as the possibilities for content creation are endless. Guides on apartment searching, analyses of New York real estate, and suggested up-and-coming neighborhoods are highly-searched long-tail keywords, and would bring tons of traffic into the site, ultimately resulting in additional business.

Attracting Customers

A blog is a great addition to anyone's website, but content written for the blog isn't going to do much unless people can find it. This is what differentiates content writing from content marketing, a full-scale effort to bring in additional traffic. Before you even begin to create your content, you should have a distribution plan in place. Partnering with services like OutBrain will nest your articles in major websites like The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed as "Sponsored Content," which can double or even triple your page views. If the content you create is good enough, your business will absolutely benefit from an internal PR team-the right arm of content creation. They'll be tasked with reaching out to major websites, pitching content ideas and articles for distribution. Successful content marketing can get your content-and your brand-featured on websites like Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and Forbes. These sites have a massive domain authority (DA), and will help you improve your own DA while funneling in traffic.

Increasing Leads

If your business allows customers to convert on the website, content marketing will act as a funnel, where the top represents your targeted customer base and the bottom is an actual conversion. More traffic means more customers, which means more interest and more qualified leads. Additional efforts, like remarketing and a strong social media presence, work to underscore your content, lending it more visibility.

The Conversion Funnel

In the digital age, it's not enough to simply have a website and expect users to find it. Marketing your site and growing your business has changed significantly in the last ten years. If you're looking for a way to enhance your brand recognition while increasing traffic, the addition of a content team is a smart and business-savvy move.