Why great web design is crucial for startups

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Being an entrepreneur and doing something extraordinary while thriving in this economy is a common ambition. The ability to succeed is rarer. Some commentators say the economy is hindering the startup community, but startup maven Paul Graham says, “the state of the economy doesn't matter much either way... [startups] succeed or fail based on the qualities of the founders. The economy has some effect, certainly, but as a predictor of success it's rounding error compared to the founders.” This ultimately means that it’s up to the founders. Founded during the recession of the 1970's, Microsoft, Apple, and Fedex still succeed today. Companies founded in the late 90's boom? Not so much.

Today's startup founders are trying to make things happen — web design and a strong web presence are crucial elements of that. In the 1970's, these things were non-existent. If Apple and Microsoft were to start in this economy, they would need spectacular design and web presence from the beginning. It doesn’t just matter if you have the most spectacular product; if your website isn’t up to par, you’re not going to make it. Here are some things that entrepreneurs have to consider in their own web design:

Entrepreneurs have a million issues to think about including project size, budget, goals and results, and that's not including aesthetics. It's easy to dismiss design as irrelevant fluff that only exists to impress other designers, but we disagree: an award-winning website doesn’t constitute a successful site. At Blue Fountain Media, we believe that designers aren't just here to make things “pretty”, but are an integral part of business strategy. Our designers create sites that are visually appealing, easy to understand, and feature strong calls to action. They create sites that build up the business.

A web designer's job is simple: to make a site look like it does what it actually does. For a business website, that means design emphasizes ways the business can help customers, reasons it's better than the competitors, and what next step a site visitor can take to become a customer. We allocate time to research and planning before we start design, so we can build a site that's directed towards the right goals for the right audience.

Every startup faces challenges, but web design is one challenge that shouldn't be faced alone. Blue Fountain Media produces design that stands out from the competition, and brings in the customers.

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