Working from home can be a unique experience for those of us who have never done it before. It requires the balance of working and taking short breaks to maintain energy levels and focus.  The first problem to avoid is being too comfortable because it will lower productivity, and on the flip side you need to be mindful of not overworking yourself. The situation we find ourselves in can be stressful enough, we should all take periodic short breaks to avoid mental fatigue from overworking.

To prevent the negative effects of working from home we’ve chosen to create our very own bingo templates. It provides the release to prevent overworking while keeping people engaged. Besides these two benefits, it can also work to promote healthy competition and teamwork.

Our team has designed three bingo templates: self-care, work from home, and zoom conference call. The bingo templates are designed to ease stress and make people laugh while they’re social distancing from their home workspace. One way we're sharing them is by saving them to our phone’s camera roll, then adding them to Instagram stories and using the pen feature to fill out the card! It's then ready to share when you hit, or come close to BINGO! We’re also tagging co-workers and friends to increase participation and help more people reap the benefits of the game. Feel free to download and share the templates below and don’t forget to tag us on social media!

wfh bingo
Work From Home Bingo Card 


zoom bingo card
Zoom Meeting Bingo Card 


self care bingo
Self Care Bingo
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