World’s Biggest Stickybits Barcode

World's Biggest Stickybits Barcode

Tired of small barcodes that could only be scanned by hovering a few inches away, Blue Fountain Media's marketing team set out to solve the problem. Liberating our team from the backbreaking work of scanning the official Blue Fountain Media Stickybit from a few inches away, the entire staff can now scan from the comfort of their desks.

What's a Stickybit? Stickybits Turns the Physical World into Digital Media

Nearly everything that used to be strictly phsyical has gone digital. Music has been converted into MP3s, people are represented by Facebook pages and status updates, places exist in Foursquare and Yelp. But what about "things"?

Well, here's a solution: Stickybits makes "things"--the physical objects and spaces around us--digital by connecting digital media to physical objects through barcode stickers. Scanning a barcode with the Stickybits apps opens a portal to audio, video, photo, and text messages assigned to that "bit" (aka barcode). The Stickybits iPhone and Android apps let users scan barcodes (including existing ones on retail prodcuts), attach messages, and keep track of the stickybits left by their friends.

Creating & Installing World's Largest Stickybit

Blue Fountain Media's design department whipped up this fantastic custom Stickybits file (try scanning it right on screen!).
The Template File for a Giant Custom Stickybits - High Resolution

Alhan laying next to the giant stickybit

A Stickybit as big as Alhan

Zacking aligning the giant stickybit

Is it straight?

Putting up the second half of the stickybit

Putting up the second half.

Lining up the second half

Lining up the second half. Almost there...

Another shot of the second half of the stickybit

Fingers crossed that it scans!

The Blue Fountain Media team doing a test scan of the giant stickybits barcode

Doing a test-scan. Success!

Ryan and Zack posing with the giant barcode

All done!

Stickybits on Stickybits - World's Biggest!

Zack, move out of the way.

Make Your Own

We created the biggest Stickybits barcode on the planet. Now you can make your own...

Custom Stikcybits Barcode Design

Where to get your giant Stickybit printed

We worked with Dali Vinyl Wall Decals to print our giant Stickybit. They did a fantastic job so we've reached out to them and worked out a 10% discount for the first 100 custom stickybits orders. Just use the code "dalisb10" when placing your order. They have experience with our custom .psd and their expert staff prints and hand-cuts each custom wall decal.

More pictures

Photos by Alanna Francis

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  1. This is awesome!! Great job. Now I want one just to put in my room for fun!

  2. …for now. Muahahahaha.

    But seriously, you’ve challenged me to come up with something more creative. It’s on!

  3. Good job guys, I am working on my own world record decal attempt. Will keep you posted

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