Goal Funnel

What are Goal Funnels?

A funnel refers to the steps that must be taken for a website goal to be complete. It is depicted as a funnel because it is widest at the top, representing the larger number of users who start the goal completion process, and narrowing at the bottom, as users abandon the goal process at various friction points.

Why are Funnels Important?

A funnel allows you to examine:

Entrances & Exits

Knowing where visitors are entering and exiting can help identify strengths and weakness in your conversion process and can help you make potential improvements.

Identify the Best Paths

Knowing which site paths lead visitors to the most goal completions allows you to remove constraints and develop an efficient path.

How Do Funnels Work?

The first step before setting up a funnel is to identify a goal for your website. In this example our goal is to have visitors make a purchase.

The steps visitors need to complete the goal are:


The first step of the funnel is the homepage where visitors are entering the site to find products they might find interesting to buy.

Product Page

The next step is to head to a particular page of product the visitor found interesting.

Checkout Page

After the product page, visitors who are interested in purchasing the product will enter the checkout page. In order to complete the checkout process, visitors need to fill out the required information.

Confirmation Page

Only visitors who completed the goal of purchasing a product will see this page.

Examining Funnels Through Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides their users with the ability to populate a funnel visualization report if a funnel is created for a goal. The report shows the following:


On the left side of the report you can see how visitors enter your funnel.


The middle shows you how many visitors continue through the process.


On the right side of the report you can see where visitors leave your funnel and where they go.

Google Analytics Funnel Tutorial

Google Analytics help track and measure customers through their process. From visits to completed orders, users can figure out where customers are leaving and simplify this area in order to increase conversions. Google Analytics collects data from each step so users can simplify their site and retain more customers.

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