Guerrilla Marketing

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla Marketing is an unconventional form of marketing that generally relies on creativity instead of a large marketing budget. Guerrilla Marketing campaigns are usually advertisements integrated into real-world situations, but have recently been integrated with the mobile and online space to create interactive and thought-provoking messages. Ideally, an effective guerrilla marketing campaign will create buzz via word of mouth, or social sharing, and go viral.

Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

The Ariel ‘Fashion Shoot’ [Video]
In this campaign, Ariel laundry detergent decided to drive consumer engagement with their product by using a combination digital, social, and real world marketing. They set up a physical booth in Stockholm Central Station where people could watch Facebook users remotely control a machine that shot out liquefied jam, chocolate, and tomato at clothing (as to stain it). If the Facebook user successfully hit any of the clothing, the piece of clothing would be washed in Ariel Detergent, and sent it out to the winner.

The Foot Print Poster: Anti-bear Farming Campaign [Video]
In this Guerrilla Marketing Campaign, marketers set up a large poster on the floor of a busy area in South Korea. The poster was layered with a transparent adhesive that slowly collected dirt from people walking on it throughout the day. Eventually, the dirt created what appeared to be a cage around the once “free” bear. In order to gain more information the advertisement and about bear farming, users could scan a QR Code and be brought to a landing page about the cause.

NESTEA Facebook Claw Machine [Video]
In another Guerrilla Marketing campaign that used Facebook, Nestea combined the idea of a beverage vending machine and an arcade claw machine. Users could control the vending machine arm from their own computer at home over the Facebook Network. If they were able to successfully grab a bottle, they would be entered to win a vacation getaway. The campaign exposed tens of thousands of consumers to the brand.

McDonald’s Dip Dip Elevators [Video]
In this example, McDonald’s uses a more traditional form of Guerrilla Marketing to promote its Chicken McNuggets.

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