Hyperlink Defined

A hyperlink is a reference point which you can click on and allows you to easily access a new section on the current page or a entirely new page. A hyperlink has an anchor and can be a word, a group of words, or an image.

Hyperlink Dissected

A standard hyperlink in HTML code look like this below:

<a href=”//www.example.com”>Anchor Text Example</a>

The two parts of the HTML code are:

Link Location

The link location is the source to a document, new section on the current page, or a new page.

<a href=”//www.example.com”>Anchor Text Example</a>

Anchor Text

The anchor text visibly displays the hyperlink to another document, new section on the current page, or new page entirely.

<a href=”//www.example.com”>Anchor Text Example</a>

Hyperlink Example

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