Meta Tags


Data contained in the <head> </head> section of HTML documents, which provides web crawlers with additional information regarding the contents of the page in question.

Types of Meta Tags

Meta Description Tag

The meta description tag is a short page description that is displayed below a listing on a results page. It does not have any effect on SEO but is an important factor in convincing searchers to click through to your site. Here is an example of how a meta description is displayed on a results page.


Below is a HTML example of a meta tag description.


<title>Title Tag Example</title>

<Meta name=”description” content=What you need to know about meta tags.“>


The name=”description” informs the search engine that this is the meta description tag.

The content=”example” is the place to insert the description that you want shown below a search engine listing.

Meta Keywords Tag

Today, meta keyword tags have no SEO value.


<title>Title Tag Example</title>

<Meta name=”description” content=”What you need to know about meta tags.”>

<Meta name=”keywords” content=”meta tag, meta tags, HTML tags“>


Meta Robots Tag

A meta robot tag is used to instruct a search engine what page not to index. In the example below, “Robot Name” is the place to insert a specific web robot or an asterisk to indicate all robots and “Arguments” is chosen from the following list:

  1. noindex: Do not index the page
  2. nofollow: Do not follow links on the page when crawling  for new pages
  3. noarchive: Do not cache the page
  4. nood p: Stops DMOZ from overwriting the title and meta description
  5. noydir: Stops Yahoo Directory from overwriting the title and meta description
  6. nonsnippet: Stops Google from creating description based on on-page text


<title>Hey Search Engine Ignore This Page</title>

<Meta name=”Robot Name” content=”Arguments.“>


The meta tags list above is just a overview of the various that are out there. I advise you to read this Google Blog Article if you are interested in more information on meta tags.

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