Video View-Through Rate

What is Video View-Through Rate?

The Video View-Through Rate is the number of videos watched divided by the number of impressions (times a page loaded with a video) and if you can optimize for VTR, you’ll increase your conversion rate as well.

Improving Video View-Through Rate

Catchy Video Title

Choose your video title carefully. A video title should incorporate specific keywords that are being searched for by people. Also, the more descriptive a video title is the better chance it will entice visitors to view it. For example, the image below is of a YouTube video titled “Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever“. How could anyone resist from viewing this video?

Create Content not Viral Videos

Instead of creating great video content to many people are striving to make videos with the main goal of going viral. Video content should be planned out and executed thoroughly. Create content that will engage, educate and entertain customers. Below is a video from BlendTec’s popular series titled “Will it Blend” whose videos entertain and inform viewers about their products.

First 15 Seconds

The first 15 seconds of a video is extremely important. It is your best chance to capture a person’s attention and convince them to watch the video entirely through. Remember people are very busy and have short attention spans, so begin the video with information that will hook them in. The best example is the Old Spice “The Man Your Man Can Smell Like”. The video immediately catches your attention and keeps it till the end. Enjoy!

Design Attractive Thumbnails

Video thumbnails are what users first see before they decide to view a video. The thumbnail images you use should not be chosen at random and selected because they will influence users to view the video. The Blue Fountain Media portfolio thumbnail image is a collage of clients we worked with.

Allow User Rating & Sharing

Give users the option of rating your videos wherever you decide to display them. Also, provide a link or the HTML code of the video for users to embed onto their website or blog.

Your Video & Your Logo

Branding videos with your company logo is beneficial for both recognized brands and the ones that are not well know. For recognizable brands, incorporating your company logo within the video assures viewers of the legitimacy of the video. For brands who are not well know, placing a company logo helps associate the video with a real organization, thus strengthen the brand.

Social Networks

Take advantage of social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube. Upload your videos and find active users and naturally (no spamming) engage with them to get your videos in front of them.

Link Building

Strategies that your use for regular link building will can work for video link building. Below are three principles I follow when I review a site for a possible link building opportunity.

1. Check Their Site

Is the site relevant to the content you are writing about?

Is the content on the site well written and is it update frequently?

2. Check Their Online Presence

Does the site link out to other sites?

Does the site perform well on keyword searches?

Does the site have good inbound links?

3. Check Their Policy

Is it easy to contact the owner of the site?

Do they invite articles or guest post?

Video SEO

Video SEO gives video content the best chance of being discovered by search engines. Similar to search engine optimization for websites, video SEO helps drive more traffic to your video content. Below is webinar presentation by ReelSEO Mark Robertson on the best practices of video search engine optimization.

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