The Case for Content Marketing

Chief Content Officer Jon Gelberg makes his case for content marketing

Let’s say you’re an expert at what you do. How much good does that expertise do you if only a handful of people are aware you exist?

That’s where content marketing can do you and your business a world of good. You can’t manufacture “expertise,” but, if you have it, original content is a great way of broadcasting your expertise to your target audience.

While there are many ways of skinning this proverbial cat, I’m going to tell you what has worked for me at Blue Fountain Media. Here’s how we planned and executed, and continue to pursue our content marketing campaign.

Stage I: Get yourself some content

Blue Fountain Media is a web design, development, online marketing and business strategy firm based in Manhattan. The company has great expertise in all of these areas, but about two years ago we realized that we needed to get the word out to a broader audience. We were doing excellent work for our clients, but were definitely flying under the radar. It was difficult to successfully pitch the press because they hadn’t really heard of us.

If the media wasn’t going to tell our story, then we’d need to tell the story ourselves.

We decided to use original content as a way to generate some buzz. The idea was to create a “Business Learning Center” — basically an online resource of information to de-mystify the entire process of building, maintaining, and marketing a business website. The how-to articles covered a wide range of topics from how to select a web development team and best work with that team, to principles of online design and messaging and even the basics of managing your online reputation.

Our CEO Gabriel Shaoolian wrote most of the articles, but many other members of the team contributed. And I’m not going to lie: It was as time-consuming project, but because we made it a high priority, we set tight deadlines and carved out time each week (on top of our other responsibilities) to plan, write, and edit the articles.

We waited until we had a small trove of content (approximately 15 articles) before officially going live with the Business Learning Center.


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