Whether your customer is returning or meeting you for the first time, it’s important that your brand can reach them with relevant, personalized content. That’s how you turn newcomers into first-time buyers, and first-time buyers into brand loyalists.

This calls for a solution that develops, manages, and delivers digital experiences across all your relevant channels, while still remaining aware of where your customers are with your brand. With Adobe Experience Manager, your brand can take advantage of a flexible, adaptive platform that does just that.

From online communities, to asset management, to cloud management, this cutting-edge CMS offers a holistic suite of tools designed for building digital experiences that make a real impact in today’s market. Backed by the power of Adobe, BFM can deliver experiences built with your brand’s digital success in mind.

BFM + Adobe Experience Manager

Here at BFM, we believe in content. It’s the lovable, public-facing part of your brand, and it’s central to our entire marketing framework. The BFM mentality is also one that emphasizes technology that helps our clients excel. 

Today’s brands (not to mention their audience) demand a lot of their content, and they need a CMS that can keep up the pace. Adobe Experience Manager is built with agility in mind, packaging powerful management and marketing tools with a cutting-edge personalization engine and robust cloud capabilities.

Brands equipped with this system are more able than ever to reach customers and deliver valuable, personalized content – at whatever scale. So, even in times of rapid growth, your brand can continue doing what it does best: pleasing your customers.