The way people interact with the internet is always evolving. Questions of accessibility and data protection are top-of-mind, and brands must stay compliant and keep up with new regulations worldwide. That’s no simple feat, but with Crownpeak, brands are getting the tools to make it easier.

Through our partnership with Crownpeak, BFM offers access to built-in tools for GDPR and ADA compliance, ensuring your audience can access your website with ease and confidence. And if that wasn’t enough, Crownpeak is also a powerful enterprise CMS with particular value in multi-site management.

BFM + Crownpeak

At BFM, we’re committed to building contemporary websites that are up to modern standards, and right now those standards have never been higher.

The digital world is still adapting to the GDPR, which sets standards in the European Union for the use and protection of users’ personal data. While it’s European regulation, a wide range of businesses outside the EU are subject to the GDPR, and the penalties for failing to comply are severe. For helping with compliance, BFM uses and recommends Evidon, an automated tool provided by Crownpeak, to help optimize digital governance and identify potential GDPR issues.

Likewise, more than ever brands are focused on ADA website compliance, creating a more inclusive internet for individuals with disabilities. ADA standards address a site’s perceivability, operability, understandability, and robustness, and can affect everything from site structure to design to content to code.

As this list suggests, ADA compliance issues can be numerous, and they’re not always obvious. Again, BFM recommends and uses Crownpeak’s automated compliance tool for identifying ADA issues so they can be addressed.

Technology is at the core of so much business today. Our partnership with Crownpeak is just another example of our unwavering commitment to technology we believe can help our clients meet and exceed their own expectations, as well as the expectations of their audience.