For many Americans – 8 of 10, Pew Research says – shopping happens online. And for many of our clients, an online store isn’t just a necessity, it’s an opportunity to connect directly with customers and gather valuable first-party data about their needs.

Now an Adobe-owned plaform, the name Magento practically means eCommerce. Whether you’re working on the free, basic Community Edition or the powerful and cost-effective Magento Commerce, this CMS platform boasts a versatile offering of tailor-made extensions and tools, letting brands enjoy unprecedented flexibility and implement best practices with ease.

As a Magento Professional Services Partner, BFM maintains a team of developers trained in harnessing this powerful platform. It’s a testament to our commitment to the technology we believe can sell your products and drive your success.

BFM + Magento

Anyone with an online store knows there’s more to it than “add to cart.” There’s inventory to track, sales metrics to monitor, costs to contain, and security standards to uphold that are more important than ever. And all of that all has to scale with business growth.

With Magento, an open-source ecosystem keeps the platform flexible and adaptable, while industry-leading performance and security tools ensure a constantly informed and secure business. Magento web design and development is highly customizable, so your site can be tailored to your brand’s standards. And the Cloud Edition is securely hosted, helping you to handle your PCI compliance.

BFM’s Professional Partnership with Magento reflects our well-established eCommerce practice and the emphasis we place on the platform as part of our technology offering. Our dedicated Magento development teams keep up with new features and innovations on the platform, so you can benefit from both our experience and the many capabilities of this ever-evolving platform.